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My layover in Kuala Lumpur wasn't exactly as memorable as my last time here. I arrived sometime around 5 pm into LCCT (Low cost carrier terminal for Airasia) with my outgoing flight to Jakarta not until the next evening. Unable to coordinate anything with local TBs, I opted to just get a room at the Tune hotel next to the airport rather than going into the city. Much to my dismay, the hotel was completely booked. I checked out the other hotel close to the airport and it too was booked up. Well, I sat around wondering what to do and finally decided I was going to rough it and be a backpacker...just bum around the airport for the night and hopefully find a nice bench to sleep on.

I killed a few hours going in and out of the few shops and stores they have, including a visit to Starbucks...but not so much for the Starbucks coffee as for their free internet. Sometime around 11 PM I took a seat by the curbside, propped my feet up on my luggage, and prayed I could get to sleep. But sleep did not come. For one, I couldn't get comfortable. And two, it was sooooooo damn hot and humid. And this airport has no air-conditioning anywhere except in the shops and inside past security. So, I ended up snacking on my huge bag of pretzels for most of the night that Brett and Erin had sent with me from Taipei. The night dragged on agonizingly slow and by dawn I started to regret my decision to spend the night at the airport. It might not be such a bad scenerio, except for the fact that my flight didn't leave until evening and I still had a full day ahead of me without sleep and in need of a shave and shower.

My bag of pretzels to keep me company in KL, compliments of Brett and Erin!

Finally I came up with a brilliant plan to see if I could take an earlier flight, which would be departing around noon. At the Airasia sales counter they didn't waste time to tell me NO, I could not do that. Afterall, the earlier flight was 150USD more than the flight I had booked. And furthermore, they said that all flights to Jakarta were booked solid. I left the sales department completely deflated. But then I was struck with another tactic: I would just go to the check-in counter for the noon flight and see what they would say. As I stood in line I began thinking that I should at least give them some kind of a sob story so that they might have sympathy upon me. But when I explained to the attendant that I desparately needed to get to Jakarta to see my fiancee he said that there were no seats left and then sent me to customer service if I wanted to pursue it any further. I had come this far, so why not give it a shot?

At customer service I gave the same story. A man there also said they were booked up, but he did give me a slim chance of hope...normally it is not their custom to do stand-bys, but in my case he said to come back before boarding time and maybe there would be something. At that point his supervisor came over and they began talking in Bahasa. I waited on them for about 5 minutes and finally the man told me to go ahead and check in on the noon flight. I was sooooooo happy! I just saved 150 dollars, because I was originally going to book that flight. Of course, it more than makes up for the 300 dollars I lost somewhere between Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, but that's another story.


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My bag of pretzels to keep me comp…
My bag of pretzels to keep me com…