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It was a long time since I felt the desire to visit the countries of the former Soviet Union. I was intrigued to see how and how fast people can change their lifestyle, habits, and vices.
I arrived in Tallin on a flight from Vilnius. I noticed soon a big difference. Tallin seems to have always been a city in Western Europe. You can't see that cloud of the past that you can find in the air in Vilnius.
I must say that the first approach was not the best. I booked a room Olevi Residents ( and I just arrived they said had a problem with my reservation and the room was not available. Fantastic!
"Do not worry" they said, they would settle me in a hotel near, the same category! Ok, perfect! So they drove me to St. Olav Hotel.
Well,  my room was in the attic (no lift) that was being renovated.
A room of about 15 square meters, maybe smaller, hot and with a terrible smell of paint and wood. Can't stay! I was furious! And I escaped!
I spent two hours walking in the center to find a decent hotel available.
So I arrived to Viru Inn (
FINALLY ! A very very beautiful hotel! For details see also my review.
I lost two hours, because of the Olevi Hotel, and I had not even noticed how beautiful was Tallin. Beautiful? Wonderful!
I have visited many of medieval towns, but never one like Tallin. Seemed built the day before.
You feel like on a movie set.  Old but well maintained.
The warm sun called all the inhabitants out of the house, so the center was full of smiling people of all ages whi seem to say "Welcome".
The city is surrounded by perimeter walls with different ports of entry.
Old city is divided into Upper Town and Lower Town.
The atmosphere is completely different between them.
The lower old town is a lively mix of unexpected attractions, shopping, and impossibly beautiful small streets. From Town Hall Square you can walk in any direction, you can't go wrong.
Will arrive, certainly, to something spectacular.
On the square, for example, there is the Town Hall Pharmacy, one of the pldest pharmacies in Europe (1418) still working in its original spot
Latin Quarter is another unforgettable places in Tallin. A tree of small streets where you can feel the medieval atmosphere. Small cafes, artisan workshops and restaurants seem to ask you a picture at every step.
The upper town is a little more discreet, noble! Toompea Castle dominates the city from the hill, intimidating you when you try to reach it climbing on the narrow road uphill.
A must to see are Cathedral of Saint Mary and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
What I can't tell you is the aroma of ethnic cuisine that you can smell in every corner of the city, the kindness of everyone I met, the instinct to  walk with your nose up to see a detail that the day before maybe I missed.

Outside the Old City walls lives a modern city with skyscrapers, traffic, shopping centers. A beautiful modern city. Could miss the sea in a city almost perfectly? NO! Pirita Beach area is one of the best organized I have ever visited. Events, attractions, restaurants, green spaces, sports and a nice long beach.
When a friend or colleague asks me for advice on a trip I always ask "Have you been to Tallinn?"

tonygiglio says:
Oh, thank you!
The "fury" for the hotel was cancelled by the excitement to be there! Love it!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2013
melyjyrioo says:
I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that trouble with the hotel, but happy you liked and enjoyed being here anyway :)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2013
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