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May 27, 2010
Hotel: Mighty Victory Hotel, Cape Coast, Ghana
Today we spent the morning visiting the Manhyia Palace, home to the Ashanti king.  The small museum here was built by the British in the early 1900s after they restored the king from exile in the Seychelles.  The original palace was destroyed by the British searching for the famed Golden Stool (it was hidden away elsewhere).  The museum was quite nice, filled with old furniture, phones, stools and eerily lifelike wax figures of the previous kings.

After the museum, we headed back to the STC station to buy our tickets for Cape Coast.  We noticed they offered a fare through to Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.
  D and I would be heading there in a few days and we tried to buy a ticket with a stopover in Cape Coast.. but the ticket vendor could not do that as a single ticket.  The bus route from Kumasi actually runs to Takoradi; we had to pay the full 10 Cedi through fare even though we were getting off in Cape Coast.

The drive to Cape Coast took about 4 hrs as we came down out of the hills.  The STC station in Cape Coast is out of town on the main road; there are taxis that wait here to take you into town.  The book mentioned a few places to stay, we thought the Mighty Victory hotel sounded like a good place.  One thing about Ghana it is very religious; many businesses have 'God' this and 'The Blood of Jesus' that as part of their name (eg. The Blood of Jesus Laundry).
    We dropped our bags at the hotel then walked into town.

Cape Coast was the original British capital of Ghana; we noticed many of the buildings here had a British colonial style to them.. it almost felt like somewhere in the Caribbean.  One building we passed was called the 'Love me Spot', Spot being a local word for bar.  We continued down to the beach near the castle where there is a line of Rasta artisan shops and Victoria Park, the Queen's statue is still here.  The backpacker bar Oasis also is here overlooking the beach.  We stopped for dinner at the Oasis where I had a lobster dinner (3 of them!) for only $10 including Jollof rice.  While we were eating dinner, there was a group of dancers/drummers practicing.  It felt great there sitting drinking a beer and listening to the drummers.
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Queen Victoria, Cape Coast, Ghana
Queen Victoria, Cape Coast, Ghana
Obama everywhere
Obama everywhere
Lobster dinner at the oasis, Cape …
Lobster dinner at the oasis, Cape…
Cape Coast
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