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May 24, 2010
Hotel: La Pavilion Vert, Ouagadougou

We set off this morning to the Surete office to drop off our passports; the officer said we could come back that afternoon after 4. A bit of panic as I couldn't find the receipt for the visa I'd paid for previously.. pretty sure I had thrown it away already. My friends had theirs though and I just said I had left mine at the hotel. There was a bus leaving for Ouagadougou at 2 or 3 we'd hoped to make.. after mentioning this he said we could come back at noon instead. We had a few hours to kill so stopped by the ATM and headed to an internet cafe. As we're sitting in the cafe, the skies open and it starts pouring rain. This is the first time of our trip we've seen rain during the day and it's a real Texas-style cloudburst. Meanwhile, the power goes out in the cafe so we all sit there for awhile waiting on the rain to stop.
roadside fried chicken, Burkina Faso

The bus station was our next stop; picking up tickets without being encumbered by bags, then to the Surete office where our visas were now ready. Back to the hotel for our bags, then to the bus station for the 2PM departure. The Rakieta bus station was a tranquil place compared with those in Mali; no touts, no 'friends', etc. The bus company had assigned seats and air-con.

We set off for the 5-hr ride to Ouaga. Originally we'd been planning on heading for the remote northwest of Ghana, a border crossing here was more convenient for Mole park. We'd planned to skip Mole park, and heard the road conditions from that border were horrible, so decided to go the long way around back to Ghana via Ouagadougou.

The road started off in great condition, making good time. One road hazard in West Africa is farm animals everywhere.
. as we're speeding along a pig decides to cross the road and doesn't get out of the way in time, a big thunk as we hit it.. I look out the back window to see it flopping in the road. I guess someone will be having pork chops for dinner.

The road soon got worse, degrading into pothole after pothole.. so far the worst paved roads we have been on for the entire trip.  We finally reach Ouaga after dark, taking numerous turns and twists so I don't know which direction we are heading. Luckily the bus station ended up being near the hotel where we had stayed previously. Another long travel day, closing the circle in Ouaga.
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roadside fried chicken, Burkina  F…
roadside fried chicken, Burkina …
photo by: hauteboy