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January 3rd, Sunday
Most of the group departs for Ft. Lauderdale around 11 AM for the 3-4 hour drive. Alex, Anna, and Pappans were going to the Steelers/Dolphins game and went around 8 AM to get there and pre-game. I was in the great company of Big Red, Steve-O, Steve-O's Kindle, Treats' (Tori's) boyfriend whose name I still don't know, with Tori at the helm. We had good conversation on the way down and only stopped once with about 40 miles left. This lead to one of the better quotes of the trip by Pappans, "That restroom smelled so bad it smelled like someone took a urinal cake and carved a rest stop out of it." Priceless.
We arrive in very nice, but consideraly colder Ft. Lauderdale. This was around the time Pittsburgh was getting six inches, and about 50 in Ft. Lauderdale. We arrived at Applebee's by the arena where we watched 5 football games on 7 tv's, including the Steelers game. We messed those guys up, although almost lost again at the end. Ouch, Wes Welker's torn ACL. Time for the Penguins/Panthers game and the last Penguins game of this trip, let's give them a good showing boys!
The BankAtlantic Center was really nice and new, although built much like the Igloo, atleast in terms of stadium seating. Our seats were incredible. On the side the Penguins shoot on by the top of the arena. I know you think that's bad, but free beer and free buffett doesnt sound bad, does it? All for like $79. We sat next to two season ticket holders who seemed a little hesitant to talk to us at first, but throughout the game we had great conversation about hockey and the Pens and Panthers. I know I am indulging in in the features and people in the BankAtlantic Center, but that's because of hockey the Penguin game turned out. A 6-2 thumping by the Panthers, and a disgusting display of nothingness from the Penguins. Ack, there goes my Penguins Road Trip Record, I was 1-0, now i'm 1-2. Aw well, back to the lame hotel....
But wait, the Hyatt - Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale was the nicest place I have ever been! Beautiful lounge with trendy looking people, bars, people of rich accounts, people I some day wish to be. The hotel had a fucking map to guide you around. I was pissed and frustrated when we got the hotel because there was confusion and I had no idea where to go. After finding our nice ass hotel room this place seemed fantastic. A lot of group headed out to go check out the boardwalk, but Papa Z, Malt D, Schmitty, and I hung back for the night. Schmitty actually ended up leaving like 90 minutes later. We ordered food at the lounge and Malt D made the poor decision of ordering Shrimp Fondue. Sounds good right? It would be if you got it within an hour. After that your not feeling it very much. Malt D cancelled his order, lady said OK, we go across the street to a convenience store, come back, his food is there. This was literally a 90 minutes later, right before Schmitty left. Matt talked with the coniergne and everything got taken care of.
I decided to smoke a cigarette with Papa Z outside when we met this Englishman who was downright charming. He was in for business and to play golf the next day. We had great conversation and then his wife or girlfriend or someone came in, she had an Australian accent which was sexy. She bummed a smoke off of me because his were "like smokin' ai" (air without the r is how she said it). After parting ways Malt D headed back to the room. I stayed for another drink with Papa Z and went out for a smoke again and when I was about to come in the Aussie and Englishmen were back. I asked her if she wanted another one and she oblidged, so I smoked another one (i know, drunk habit) and we conversed about cigarettes. His apparently have no nicotine really, and they have ingredient levels on the side of each pack. I offered him one and he says "I'll have to sit down to smoke this, it will be like smoking meth." (Say that to yourself in an English voice, I dare you not to laugh). i give the final farewall and part ways with Papa Z and the the foreign couple and while heading to my room saw a drunk lady fall into a garbage can and down. I didn't help, because she was too busy laughing to help herself up. No one was around.... just me. She got up quickly and said "i'm..... hahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.... all right." Funniest thing i've seen in a while.
Time for sleep so I can fully enjoy my last full day in Florida.

January 4th, Monday

Unfortunately today was the last day, better keep it cool, but make it count. I oddly enough woke up before everyone and decided to go get some doughnuts across the street as well as explore the hotel grounds. Upon my walk, with the sun rising over Ft. Lauderdale I spotted a cat. Weird thing was, the cat spotted me first I think, and followed me for a ways. Our hotel grounds had easily 100 nice ass yachts. They were pretty fantastic. After everyone woke up and crushed some doughnuts we decided it was necessary to take a water taxi to the beach a few miles upshore. We ended up waiting a good bit, like 45 minutes to get one and around that time we had to leave half the group behind because they were waiting for the stragglers, most notable was Zivy who was there for 40 minutes waiting, but then left. So Malt D, Torri, Alex, Anna, and I head upshore taking pictures of various things around the beach, this was a water taxi TOUR I found out. When we made land fall we walked a block or so down the street and finally got to see the ocean. It was completely worth it.
Few people on the beach, blue water, clear skies. It was amazing, I really wish I saw the beach more often. I dont think anything could be more relaxing. After spending a good 15 minutes on the beach :(, we decided to go grab a table at this nice Italian restaurant called Casablanca. We ate a wonderful meal which involved me buying some gross, expensive wine and Pappans being attached by his free clams. After lunch we headed to the Ft. Lauderdale Beachwalk which was such a cool place. Tons of people eating, drinking, going to the beach, skateboarding.... I never seen anything like this in Pittsburgh.... not in January. It was kind of surreal. Alot of 40-some blonde women with liver spotted tans, though.
After a few hours of walking around Malt D, Zivy, Pappans, Beard-O, and I decided to go back to the hotel for some hot tub action on this chilly Floridian day. Aside from the sharp flooring of the hot tub if was pretty fun, with random jumps into the cold ass pool. We all got back to our rooms and headed for the hotel lounge for the final drinks of the trip. I wish the final day was more eventful, but it really wasn't. The following morning most of us headed for the airport, got checked in a flew back into cold ass Pittsburgh, but it was necessary.
Pittsburgh is a fantastic place with great people. I couldn't be happier with any of the memories from this trip. Just like Chicago, there were so many memories. Thanks to everyone in our group for being great.

Plane Trip: A+
Hotel: C (F for HoJo Tampa, A+ for Hyatt Pier 66)
Bars: A (Outdoor partying was never so everywhere)
Food: B (Great food almost everywhere)
People: A+ (Beautiful women everywhere)
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