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This blog will follow my adventures around the world. I will be working a ship's physician on board a passenger cruise liner, which will sail around the world from Sydney to Sydney. My voyage begins when I join the ship in Darwin (Australia). Please join me...

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May 26th, 2010Australia
May 27th, 2010Darwin, Australia
May 30th, 2010Bali, Indonesia
June 2nd, 2010Singapore
June 3rd, 2010Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 10th, 2010Mumbai, India
June 14th, 2010Dubai, United Arab Emirates
June 23rd, 2010Cairo, Egypt
June 23rd, 2010Port Said, Egypt
June 29th, 2010Santorini, Greece
July 1st, 2010Venice, Italy
July 5th, 2010Civitavecchia, Italy
July 14th, 2010Southampton, England
July 25th, 2010Newport, Rhode Island
July 25th, 2010New York, New York
July 29th, 2010Barbados
August 7th, 2010Acapulco, Mexico
August 16th, 2010Hawaii, Hawaii
August 26th, 2010Pago Pago, United States