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Call me fretful, but isn't hosting a Titanic memorial day while crossing the Atlantic in a vessel of similar size simply the equivalent of poking one of the Moirai in the ribs?

Fortunately these Greek Goddesses of fate were kind to us and with the assistance of my vigilant eye, which was looking out for any rogue icebergs, we made it safely to the other side.

 En route we were spotted by the Canadian Royal Airforce who took 2 shots. These were luckily from a camera and the pictures certainly demonstrate the impressive dimensions of the Dawn.

Boston was our first destination, but as I was on call, New Port Rhode Island was my first stop and first encounter with what Christopher Columbus thought was the east coast of Asia.

Christopher might have been just as excited as myself to see the New World, if he had known that he could get a one terabyte hard-drive at Bestbuy for under $150 dollars.

Kiri with matching tender boat uniform
More on this later!

Kiri was my partner in crime for our Rhode Island adventure. Rhode island is a famous summer resort, well known for its naval base, ridonculously sized mansions and plethora of outdoor activities. So it made complete sense that we decided on going shopping...

Hailing from a country where consumer extortion is a policy strictly adhered to by all major shopping centres, I cannot begin to describe my delight of setting foot into the land of the free.

Yes, everyone loves to hate to America: America meddles in other countries affairs. They are clueless when it comes to geography and they don't even speak English. But let me tell you one thing, whatever America has to offer, they do it on an unsurpassed scale. I simply had to let go of many of my prejudices (yes, I am capable of that to some degree) as I was awestruck by a country and system that has much to offer to its people.


Close to the port we found the visitors information centre. We were informed that the bus service was free that day, due to the "high temperature". If that's what they call high, we'd have free bus service all year round in SA! Naturally my first thought was "what's the catch?" and I was surprised to see the bus arrive (on time) and the driver not enclosed in a bullet proof cage. The bus driver did not understand my questions regarding where we wanted to go (refer to my previous paragraph on Americans not speaking English) and Kiri thankfully took care of communicating with the locals for the day.

Rhode Island oozes opulence: The streets are wide and pristine, the houses are majestic and the port is littered with yachts the size of small hotels.

Drugs galore...
The bus took us out of the city centre to places I had never seen before: Bestbuy, Walmart and Wendy's. I can tell some of you might be sniggering, but when McDonalds reached the South-African shores some 15 years ago, the opening day literally brought other shops to a standstill.

It didn't bring me to a standstill though, as I couldn't get into the Bestbuy fast enough. Soon my bags were filled with electronic gadgets and then it was off to Walmart. I have difficulty making decisions at the best of times, but had we not been under pressure to get back, I would not have been able to decide which of the 27 whitening toothpastes is the most effective. Kiri was also shopping up a storm finding a variety of products that even the UK does not stock.

What also amazed me is that one can purchase a wide selection of medication (for which one needs a script in SA) off the shelf.

Many of these are enclosed in a locked perspex box and one needs to register one's details at the paypoint, presumably to prevent people from buying excessive quantities. Which is a surprise in a sense, as America is all about excessive quantities: From crips to cold drinks, chocolates to pizza, motorbikes to 4x4's, they are ALL just bigger in America. But I guess it makes sense, if you're eating bigger chocolates, eventually you will need a bigger 4x4...

So, in line with this theme we decided to end the day off with lunch at a bistro in New Port. The portions were outrageous and we contemplated sending our leftovers to the UN for distribution.

Tomorrow we dock in New York and to paraphrase Frank, I'll be waking up in the city that never sleeps!

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Kiri with matching tender boat uni…
Kiri with matching tender boat un…
Drugs galore...
Drugs galore...
My first Hersheys...
My first Hersheys...
photo by: diisha392