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As we sail ever closer to the edge of the world, it is with a certain degree of nostalgia that I look back upon the last 90 days. We set sail in Australia and have almost completed a full circle around the globe. The Dawn slowly moved through all of the time zones and soon we will be going back so far, that a complete day will be missed. As someone said to me, we will be popping back into tomorrow!

Although the world tour might soon be coming to an end, let me assure you that the excitement is far from over.  There are simply too many thrilling and stimulating places to discover and I can confirm that Hawaii is one of them.

The state of Hawaii actually consists of 8 main islands, of which the Big Island of Hawaii is the one where the Dawn docked.

The A-Team for the day was made up of Hector (Hannibal), Briant (Murdock), and three yet to be assigned mercenaries: Trevor, Deon and JC; although I am toying with the idea of Face, Frankie Santana (the team’s special effects expert) and Colonel Decker… in that exact order.

A torrential downpour is what welcomed us to the town of Honolulu and we were instantly soaked. The plan for the day was a road trip around the island and a car rental agency was thus our first stop. The original plan of (to quote Vanilla Ice) “rolling in our 5.0’s” (Ford Mustang) gradually merged into a more practical and military oriented decision to go for the Jeep Rubicon. Within minutes we had the soft top off and were well on our way to save the island…Hannibal loves it when a plan comes together.

The rough plan was to drive up to the North Shore, explore some of the picturesque scenery on route and sample any cuisine on offer.

A pineapple plantation caught our eye and we decided to investigate. Apparently a third of the world’s commercial pineapple trade  comes from Hawaii and once we entered the factory, it was not difficult to see why. While I wondered what the “pineapple demonstration” sign implied, the others ordered some ice cream…can anyone guess the flavor?....or what toppings came along?

The drive up to the north shore was spell binding. The scenery kept changing (as did the weather for that matter) and we were treated to panoramic views of lush green vegetation, mountains and every encroaching dazzling blue seas.

The coast line is everything that Hawaii promises and more.

Unfortunately we were pressed for time, so we could only enjoy the beaches from the road, but at least I know this would not be a place I would regret to visit on a holiday. We stopped at a shady road side grill for lunch. Had Deon not assured us that they served excellent food (from his previous visit to Hawaii), we would easily have driven past. The views were stunning and Deon did some wizardry with his new Nikon…

We were back on the road and the journey had even more excitement in store. We drove through areas where the opening scenes of Jurassic Park were shot and we kept a close lookout for any stray T-Rex’s... We did not quite make it to the famour Waikiki beach, as our short trip to the local Bestbuy took up more time than expected. Yes, I know, this is becoming a worrying a trend. However, if you give a bunch of guys the option of exploring a romantic beach or shopping for the latest electronic gadgets, it’s not hard to see why these things happen.

The day ended off with a magnificent sunset and should you have a couple of million dollars spare, you too can have this experience on a daily basis from the comfort of your Honolulu luxury apartment.


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photo by: WorldXplorer