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Today was our day in Paris. Tracy had planned a laundry list of beautiful things to do and great places to shop. If you were in the mood for chocolate, pastries, museums and shopping, it would be somewhere on the list of things to do today.

Unfortunately, after the week we had, the itinerary totally overwhelmed me and I just wanted some time to unwind. Plus, I'd been getting work emails that demanded my attention. So I warned them that I may not join today, or I may come for a bit and then return back to the villa, but honestly, the 2 hour commute each way would probably preclude me from going out for just "a bit".

I don't know why, but this time around, everything felt like it took a lot longer. Our last trip to France, staying in this villa, was not quite as exhausting, and it felt like we spent less time in transit.
This time, it was very much on the verge of unbearable and we even took a cab a total of 4 times from chessy station.

In the morning, Tracy as usual got up early to cook things and prepare sandwiches for everyone. I have to reiterate how indispensable she is on trips! Such care =) I went with her early to do our second round of food shopping and I'm glad we did because we came back with a treasure trove of little chocolate and cookie goodies to bring back to the US! =D As we hadn't gone anywhere where there were really worthwhile souvenirs to buy, this was my one "shopping trip". To the grocery store. Classy!

The trek this morning and the goods carrying managed to wear out what little energy I had reserved for my day though, and I asked that everyone go ahead without me.
This was done with a lot of remorse, as I really did want to go shopping and take advantage of the great Euro rates, as well as have a decent Parisian meal finally!! I know RJ loved all the baguettes but I couldn't look at another one without getting all frowny.

I had to reserve the taxi for Luxembourg tomorrow anyway. Plus, all I wanted right then was a cup of tea on the porch, some panna cotta and a ciggie. The day absolutely flew by. I played on the computer a bit, lounged a bit, read a bit, drank lots of tea and ate an inferior version of an entire can of Pringles. For the first time this week I was getting a bit of rest and space, and it was fantastic! =)

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photo by: jenn79