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To get to Giverny, there are practically hourly trains from Paris Saint-Lazare train station to the Vernon stop. From there, a bunch of tourists will flock towards the bus located up the street to go Giverny for 5 Euro. Blegh, tourists! But wow, I was astonished at how beautiful Giverny was!!

Today, Thanisa was supposed to meet us at Saint-Lazare, but we managed to miss her in the station. Luckily she boarded the correct train and we saw her when we disembarked!! Yay!! Poor thing had a suitcase with her which she had to lug around for a good part of the day, but luckily we found a nice server at a restaurant that allowed us to leave her suitcase at their restaurant while we explored Giverny.

Giverny isn't very big, but makes up in quality for what it isn't able to accomplish in quantity. The outer free area of the museum is home to a huge field of poppies that we were luckily just in time to see in full bloom and run through and take thousands of pictures of. I've never even seen a poppy before, and here in front of me were thousands, mixed up with these beautiful purple and blue flowers. It was the prettiest sight I had ever seen.

We visited some uninteresting things before our last stop, which was Monet's house. If we had only known we may have come here first! For like 9 Euro or so (I forget), we were treated to the lush gardens, a tour of Monet's house, and his beautiful lilly pond!! The garden was brimming full of seemingly random flower patches that blended harmoniously to the eye.
I think it's a feat to have individual flowers be so special and beautiful while simultaneously having the entire landscape look gorgeous as well!

The lilly pond was breathtaking. I didn't expect it to be quite as big or quite as identical to Monet's famous painting as it actually was. Slightly overgrown and undermanicured, there were huge koi, bright green bridges, and bending willow-like trees dipping into the lilly-filled lake. Stunning stunning stunning!

I think of everyone perhaps RJ enjoyed this trip the most. There were so many artists there and you could tell that the creative part of RJ was just raring to get out and join his fellow artists. I wish I had planned better or that there was an art supply store in this town, we would probably have stayed all day watching RJ create one of his famous works of art!!

Monet's house had great views of the gardens, as the large windows opened right out onto them. But no matter how beautiful a place is, I think it fades unless you have wonderful friends to enjoy them with. I hope Monet had this, just like I had Tracy, RJ and Thanisa to share it with. Love you all!
RJ82 says:
i did love this place jenn! and the company made it even better!
Posted on: Jun 16, 2010
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photo by: Vikram