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itinerary so far
When Tracy and I plan stuff, it is NO JOKE. Below is a pic of what a normal itinerary typically looks like for us. Oh and there's a second sheet there with actual train ticket prices and excursion rates. Whittling down anything left to chance. Train tix with coordinating seats, tour packages if necessary (although I really hate those and will generally avoid them unless absolutely necessary), a milieu of restaurant choices with closest metro stops indicated, I mean the WORKS. A couple days of intensive research preps you for the landscape you're about to embark to as well as maximizes enjoyment instead of frantically searching and wondering if a certain restaurant or cafe will be good.

But the best part is hanging out with friends who are easy-going, energetic and fun! I think living on the east coast life has taken on a distinctively more serious note (which I love don't get me wrong!) But I look forward to being at a villa with my friends, akin to being in college again or renting a summer house with your buddies - it's goofy and unpredictable and you just never know what craziness will ensue! For example, after attending a Sangeet for the first time ever last week, I have now been introduced to the wonders of Bollywood! I then find out Tracy also loves Bollywood, so I suspect we will have a little dance party on the patio in the evening with some great French wine (and sparkly juice for me) if we can get some speakers for my little laptop.
Oh girl, you're mine
I can see it now. Cooking breakfast to some great Reggae, exiting the villa in a Cumbia line, and LOTS of other shenanigans. Oh the fun when Tracy and RJ are around!! =) Being around them makes my heart and spirit light! I now can not WAIT for this trip to happen!!

Update: Thanisa just wrote - she's bringing Indian spices to cook her "famous" curries! Wow, I am REALLY looking forward to this =) If I could learn Indian cooking on this trip too?! WOW!
jenn79 says:
haha!! Love planning, it's such a challenge of coordination!
Posted on: Jun 14, 2010
wanderlass says:
i need to get one of you as my buddy so i can have some kind of a plan. haha.. but i remember my euro trip with my friend claire.. o my god, she's like that too! we live 10,000miles away from each other and we send back and forth an excel sheet just like that. my head is hurting just thinking about it. haha.=)
Posted on: Jun 14, 2010
kelleeoo says:
What will you do with yourself at 1pm each day? There is a big void on the spreadsheet! :)
Posted on: Jun 07, 2010
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itinerary so far
itinerary so far
Oh girl, you're mine
New York
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