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It seemed like a long drive to get to Hammamet, but once we did get into town, we found the hotel from the guide pretty easily.  It was a little way from the Kasbah and old town but an easy walk.


I stayed in the car while Rob went inside to check on a room.  He came back quickly and said we had a room for 35 TND with a sea view, as were right on the water, and breakfast included.  I was shocked.   Once we got inside and were being helped up to the room I understood more.  As we climbed the stairs Rob told me later he thought the guy helping us with the suitcase had body odor, but then realized it was the building.  We made out way to the top floor and an end room.

  The door for the room across the hall was SCARY.  There were towels on it to keep it closed and the door frame and wall looked like the door had been broken in.


The room was fairly cramped for space, but the view was out of this world.  This was truly a moment of location, location, location.  We opened the doors and just indulged in the beauty and majesty of the Mediterranean and the calming sound of the waves slapping the beach.


After getting settled a little we walked along the beach towards town to get dinner.  It was so wonderful to be on a beach again.

  There were only a couple of shells for me to pick-up but quite a few rocks.  We really enjoyed the walk so much.  Once we got to the Kasbah, we entered into the medina.  We decided to peek into a shop just to see what they had.  Rob spotted olive wood mortar and pestles and serving utensils.  He really wanted one so we began bargaining.  The guy started at 180 TDN which I thought was outrageous. Rob offered him 20 and they went form there.  In the end, Rob got 2 mortar and pestles, a great ladle, and salad fork and spoon (all olive wood) for 50 TDN.  He was happy and I thought he paid too much, but he did bargain well.  While we were in the shop we heard a kitten crying the guy let us peek at his cat’s new kittens.  They were so tiny and cute.  In bargaining, Rob told him the only reason he was willing to pay the final price was so they guy could support his large family.


After the purchase we had to make our way through the medina and all the shop keepers who wanted us to look for just a minute and he had a special deal.

  One guy put his hand out and Rob made the mistake of shaking.  It was like putting you hand in a bear trap.  The guy didn’t want to let go so Rob finally said that he was mush bigger and the man needed to let go. That worked and we were on our way.  Eventually we found the exit. 


Once we were on the main square I noticed some postcards and decided to pick up a few more.  While we were in the shop I saw the cutest houses and decided to buy a couple the price was 18 TDN for the two I wanted.  I tied to bargain and the guy wouldn’t do it.  I decided not to buy and as we walked out Rob kept telling me to go back.  We saw some stand against the wall of the Kasbah so we went over to them and one of them had the houses.  I started the process and the guy started at 38 TDN for just one.

I told him there was no way and could get it for 10 across the way.  I walked out and went back to the first place and bought both houses I wanted.  Just shows what a little perspective can do.


Now the next challenge was to find a good restaurant that would provide a good option for and Rob.  We both needed a good meal.  As Rob reviewed the guide books and assessed the possibilities we moved closer to the waterfront.  The sun was going down and painting the horizon wonderful shades of reds and orange causing the blue above to become a brilliant hue.  A long the shore there were boats beached and rolled over so their hulls faced the sky.  It was an ideal beach scene and I was able to get some great shots.  We had someone take a couple of pictures for us.  As the light grew dimmer we focused on a place to eat.

  There were two good options according to the book.  We went to inspect the menus and settled on a place called Fatma. 


The head waiter was very welcoming and nice.  He ushered us to a table and discussed the menu and options.  We agreed on couscous for both of us (me with veggies and Rob with lamb).  He brought olives and harissa to as a starter.  We also had a bottle of Muscat wine.  It was very good and powerful.  Before dinner was over we felt much more relaxed, especially since the waiter made sure out glasses were filled constantly.  We were so full form diner we couldn’t eat desert.


With very full bellies and huge smiles on our faces we headed back towards the hotel.

  We walked around the Kasbah towards he beach.  I wanted to get a couple of shots of the ocean at night.  While we were admiring the view two guys came up and asked for a light.  They were acting a little odd as they headed in the direction we needed to go and stopped to watch us.  We went down on the beach to the water’s edge.  Rob kept an eye on the guys and they moved down so they could see us.  When we didn’t move and they noticed Rob watching them they went back up on the plaza.  We walked down the beach since they couldn’t see us to be sure they didn’t follow us.  Once we could get up on the boardwalk we did and headed quickly to the hotel.  We may have been a little paranoid, but felt better at being safe then sorry.


Once we were in the room, we relaxed and I worked on the blog while Rob read.  When we turned in the peaceful sound of the ocean lulled us to sleep.  It turned out to be a great ending to a day.

ken2010 says:
Nice writing! - Hammamet is my favouriteplace and we return to Hammamet every summer. :)
Posted on: Sep 05, 2010
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