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We discovered a fantastic patisserie where we bought pain au chocolate and the most amazing almond pastry filled with chocolate.  We supplement that with items form the Monoprix for a nice brunch which we ate in the courtyard area in front of the Kasbah.  We watched people picking through piles of clothes on tables while a guy yelling out “everything is a dinar” or so it seemed.


We visited the Museum of Traditional Architecture housed in the restored Kasbah which features exhibits on religious, private, and public buildings.  There are exhibits outside demonstrating how the medina walls were built.  We were surprised to see tress used as an ancient form of rebar.

  We were able to walk along the walls and climb to the top of towers.  The drawings and floor plans of buildings added to the understanding and overall experience.


Lost in the maze of the medina… helped by nice young woman to find museum


We entered the Dar Jellouli Museum which is an ethnographic museum occupying a 17th century courtyard house.  This is also known as the regional museum of popular arts and traditions.  It has a classic layout with arched entrance and porticoed courtyard surrounded by rooms.

  Decorative tiles covered the ground floor walls and window trip of the courtyard.  The heat was very intense so we sat on a bench in the shade of the courtyard for a few minutes.  A few of our favorite things were intricate painted and carved panel doorways, elaborately and colorfully painted chests which were used to store precious textiles, and the rooms set-up as they would have been (and may still be).  There were many other fascinating pieces so check out the pictures.


After exploring all we could here and it still being very early and we didn’t really have anything else to see, we decided to get out of town a day early.  I suggested we go to a coastal town and stay the night.  Rob agreed.  We had to make one stop for me to get a photo of a specific mosque on the way back to the hotel.  We fought our way through the crowded and bustling streets and reached the outer wall which we could follow to the Sidi Amar Kammoun mosque.  The details are unique and tell of its ancient origins. It can easily be missed but, the effort should be made to find as it is truly an original.


After that we headed back to the room finished off the food left from the night before, packed and headed out.  The man at the front desk seemed surprised we were checking out as we had already paid for the night, but who cared at that point.  We were off to Hammamet.  As we exited by the same crazed driving circus as before we passed many different and interesting minaret styles.  Out in the country Rob made a stop in an olive orchard to get a picture.

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Rob, being funny in the forest of …
Rob, being funny in the forest of…
photo by: AgniAgni