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I took my flight to Florence from the very annoying Gatwick airport in London. I was surprised of how small the Florence airport is, especially because of the touristic importance of the city. As you can imagine it was packed, and no clear information about anything anywhere. I even had problems to find the Information stand, lol.

I needed to take a train to Montecatini Terme, which is where the conference would be held. The lady in information said I needed to go outside the airport to find a bus instead of a train. I went outside and saw a few buses, but again, no clear information about where they were going to or coming from. I tried to ask the bus drivers in english, but none of them spoke it. I decided to go and stop at the city bus station and ask one of those drivers. He couldn't understand english, but I could understand from his italian that I needed to walk a few blocks off the airport and stand by another bus station (fermata). I realized that italian was not so hard for me to understand at all. Many words are similar to spanish and I can also pick others from latin (supra = up; etc). I arrived to this bus station, but half an hour passed by and my bus still wasn't there. I started to fear if I was in the right place. It didn't make sense that I needed to go there to wait for the bus, but I realized that Italy is no United States. In fact it looked a lot more like Latin America to me! Both the culture, the people and the lack of organization...

I "talked" to a guy at the bus station and I could pick that my bus would arrive shortly. Then some other people going to the same conference as me, arrived as well. At least I was sure now that I was in the right place. The bus to Montecatini Terme finally arrived. I was happy, as I was still feeling so tired from the flight. What I saw of Florence that day was not impressive in any manner, but I know I haven't seen the real Florence yet.
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photo by: spocklogic