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Back in Padova, it was time to change hosts, since my first host would not be in town during the rest of my stay in Padova. He has very kind to drop me at my new host place, which happened to be kind of far from the downtown area. This new host was ok, and I don’t want to be ungrateful, but he was not as cool as hospitable as my first host. The first day was ok, but after an initial lunch he took me to a friend’s house, and they spent most of the time speaking Italian, so I felt kind of pushed aside.


On Monday morning, I decided to pay a more comprehensive visit to the Basilica del Santo, since it contained the relics of San Antonio. I had no idea that the experience would be so moving for me. One of those days that change your life. I also visited the Museo Antonino and saw a very interesting audiovisual display about the impressive life of the Saint. There was also a pictoric exposition about the Shroud of Turin. Padova is no Trento, and they did have explanations in many languages here, including Spanish.

I also visited the Basilica of Santa Giustina as it contains the tomb of St. Luke and the "Hall or the Martyrs", a corridor with many tombs and images of heroes of Christ.


After that, I tried to visit the Duomo’s Baptisterium and the Old University, but they both were closed. I walked around downtown a bit, had lunch and headed back to the tram station, as my host said he would be waiting for me there. Unfortunately, an hour went by and he never showed up. Since I don’t have a cell phone in Europe, I couldn’t call or do anything, so I decided to take a bus back home. I am now very familiar with the Italian public transportation system, so this was not difficult for me. I knew I would still need to do a long walk before getting to his place, but I could remember the streets he drove on the way to town. I met some very nice Spanish girls who confirmed I was on the right direction. Luckily, I didn’t walk too long before my host found me. He had been about 1.15 hrs late to pick me up due to things he had to do. It was alright, I know that things can happen sometimes. Again, I had the feeling that we were not “connecting” properly, since he wouldn’t talk to me much. And then things started to get a little weird as he played Shakira’s “Waka waka” for 2 hours straight, omg. I went to the patio to read a book, as I couldn’t stand the noise anymore. I think he noticed I was a little distressed and he asked me what book was I reading. Maybe he was scared it was a religious book, lol. I felt the visit to San Antonio's grave encouraged devotion in me. A friend of his came at night and again they were speaking Italian all the time. I wish I could have stayed with my previous host L but it’s no big deal, anything goes. I could take advantage to do some thinking and meditating now.

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photo by: Miranda-Maas