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What strange sansation. Even if you know you're going on holiday in a island made of a volcano, you can't imagine before how much you will feel his presence. In every breath of your day, in each direction you're looking, in every step you walk he's reminfding you that he's alive and he can decide to be nice or not.

Located in the Eolie archipelago, Stomboli is an island-volcano.
The volcano is still active and often, normally yearly, you can meet a friendly eruption. But sometime is dramatic, like the last in december 2003, when a wall of the volcano (la sciara del fuoco) collapsed in the sea producing a tsunami that destroyed some houses on the cost.
People is very kind, tourist oriented and in almost all the places they speak english.
There are only two small villages on the island: Stromboli and Ginostra.
The first is the main touristic village, with hotels, restaurants (reccomended "Ristorante I Gechi" for dinner and "Da Luciano" for lunch) and all you need. Ginostra is a very small village, without electricity, on the other side of the island and you arrive there only by boat.  You can rent a boat for Ginostra on Stromboli beach, with or without skipper.
Only 27 people live there and there are only two restaurants.
The beaches in Stromboli are all free-entrance but not so well organized.
Very strange the sensation you can feel when you're tanning on a dark black sand made of lava.
If you go to Stromboli you can't avoid a night tour on the mouth of the volcano. If you ask to tourist info point they can arrange a guided visit at the top of volcano.
Normally they do in the night when the atmospher is not so hot. That's great because, if you're lucky, you can enjoy the explosions from a great and rare point of view. Very close but in safety position. Of course I'm talking about "ordinary explosions", but feel sure thath they avoid to guide you when is more risky.
They guide you up at sunset walking on a wild path in a landscape of black stone and wild plants. It take around one hour and, even if in the night, sure you'll arrive on top all swet. So, please, don't take with you any jacket only because you think you're climbing a mountain (924 m.). Of course don't forget to take with you lot of water and a camera. From there you can take wonderful pictures.
Other funny thing is that in the night all the streets of Stromboli are dark. Yes there aren't street lights.
So it's easy that when you're having a walk in some of the nice streets you can dash on some tourist. Funny! A good way to meet new friends. Of course, unlike Ginostra, in Stromboli you have lights in the houses, shops and restaurants.
Other visit I feel to suggest is to INGV (Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia - ) Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia. There you can see how the volcano is monitored 24 hours a dey 365 day a year. Around 5 people are workin there, double in the critic periods, with hundreds of sophisticated equipments both for monitoring and for the management of the emergency (helicopters, tends, shelters).
Don't forget to visit Piscità beach close to Sciara del Fuoco. You can walk there in around 15 minutes and you will found an wild incredible wild beach near the most active side of the volcano.
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photo by: tonygiglio