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After me almost missing my flight from valencia I have made it to Barca (and by almost missing it I mean it) Had to rush through customs and carry my big ass, and heavy backpack throug the terminal to get to the plane so I could hand it directly to the people so they can put it on borad as i walk out into the plane, luckily everything went fine And i made it to Barcellona...

After meeting up with other Family i got in BArca i finally went out the next day and did something i Hadn't tried before that I thought i probably wouldnt do much, I actually met up with a person from Travbuddy... some people might think well duh thats what that name in the title means, but I talk to ppl here often and out of the 30 ppl ive talked nothing has come to more than especulations of where we both might be and if we could meet up... but this time it was for real and it was cool, ill guess ill look into doing it more often now that i found out that not all ppl who want to meet up after meeting on the net are fat guys that breathe deeply into phones...
Lets see what the rest of Barca brings, hopefully its mad fun!
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photo by: fivepointpalm