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The story when I decided to go to Europe was very simple. I didn't think I would be traveling til after college or even at all. One day my friend, Jamie, called me and needed to talked.. She told me she didn't get into the college she was planning on going to and instead of picking a different school she wanted to go to Europe. I instantly said yes. I was never sure what I wanted to do at all with my life. Working a retail job, planning on going to a community college to just take up time til I really knew what I wanted to do. When this chance came up I couldn't say no. One month later we were on a plane to Europe.
We started off in London, no set plan on what we were doing or really on where we were staying.. We just knew we wanted to explore. From London we went to Scotland, to France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, then ending in Greece. We had no plan which was the best. No obligations, no time limit, just what we had on our back. It's a weird feeling of not having anywhere to go, I almost prefer it over having a set routine.
One of our favorite places was Edinburgh, Scotland. It was just so friendly... We were only planning on staying there for a day or so but ended up staying a week. Taking day trips to near by towns, drinking great beer and just meeting all sorts of people.
A couple other places that really stuck out was of course going to Munich for Oktoberfest! That was an unbelievable experience. To see all the locals get dressed up in traditional German outfits and sing German drinking songs just made the experience all the better. Plus the beer was just amazing! It was always a challenge to try and cram into a beer tent searching for a place to sit, squeezing in wherever you could, and waiting for the winch to bring you a stein.. But after that it was just a huge party! Singing, dancing, and just having a great time.
And of course I'll have to bring up Amsterdam... We just had to make a stop into the Netherlands. I never really knew anything about Amsterdam before I went there besides you can smoked weed and Anne Frank lived there. I never would have thought the city would be so beautiful, you just have to stay away from the coffee shops and red light district to see it.
The last stop was Greece. We weren't planning on going there at all but I had an old friend from High school station on Crete, Greece for the navy; so it was only right to go visit him, plus it was a free place to stay and we were dying to sleep in a bed wasn't a bunk bed in a room full of 10 other people. I would have liked to visit more of Greece, that was the one place I would really like to go back to.
I will never forget this trip. It opened my mind to all sorts of new ideas and it created a whole new passion. Once I got home, i instantly missed it. Missed not having a plan and being able to just get up and go. I eventually found a job and a place to live, blending back into society but I will always have that itch to get up and go.

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