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Treats in hand, we gave up on real food and continued to the end of the penninsula, to Lacko Slott. It rests on the southern banks of Lake Vanern. The walk up the front path is very dramatic. It’ is turrets are a masterful execution of design using wood shingles.

In 2001 Lacko Slott was voted to be the most beautiful castle in Sweden. Built in the 13th century and surrounded by water on three sides, Lacko Slott it as great as it is due to the De la Gardie family. Count Jakob and his son, Magnus, gave it and “Extreme Makeover” in 1615. In 1681 it was claimed by Karl XI in the recovery of crown lands from the nobility. At that point its treasure were scattered.

We walked the ground and along the shore while waiting for the next tour. Lake Vanern is very large but tranquil lake.

It’s shore is marshy in some areas and rocky in others. It’s wetland grasses make for interesting texture.

The courtyard is amazing in that so much of it is original, you can just see the ghosts of the people of the day going about their day. The details deserved my attention and I enjoyed the presentation before me.

We took a guided tour of the amazing building. It has original frescoes and painted decoration of 16th and 17th centuries. It’s greatest treasures are ceiling decorations, mythological scenes and battle paintings can be seen and in the Kings' hall the 13 ceiling angels are still flying about the room.The sculptor George Baselaque was hired to carve the alcove opening in the princess's bedroom. The interior decoration and disposition of the residential suite was modern and influenced by French ideals.

To bring life to the grand days of the castle during Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie's time the empty halls have been furnished. The reason is to show what the interior design of the time could have looked like and should not be seen as a reconstruction of the castle's interior in the 17th Century.

Built by Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie 1655-1668, the chapel tower is a technical masterpiece. You enter the chapel proper through the porch. There are paintings on the walls and the wooden sculptures in the niches, all framed by grisaille paintings. The history of the heart decorations on the bench doors, the gallery panel and the panel wall itself are yet another unusual and remarkable element.

 Time to go….we headed south. The Tomtom said that it would be 3 hours but my driving skills got us back in 2 hours. Don’t tell the Swedish police!

The day of exploration was great. I got to see the history of one of my favorite car brands and Sweden’s most beautiful castle…..a good day.


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Lacko Slott
photo by: delsol67