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Ironic - the sign above and the Saab car aproaching and the Volvo in front of us.

It was cold and overcast as we headed out. The island was quiet, only a couple of people walking about. We made a brief stop in Solberga to look at a church. Out back, in the compost pile, through the decaying matter, tulips had found a home and were in bloom.

Trollhattan is about an hour and a half north of Marstrand. It’s an important city as Saab is based here and both it and Volvo have automobile plants. I have always loved the quirkiness of Saab and own a 2004 9-3 Aero. This was an opportunity to visit it’s birthplace and see Saab’s museum.

Saab’s museum has around 60 cars from its history as an automaker. Saab was originally Swedish Aeroplan Limited and was founded in 1937.

The first Saab ever built
They built their first car in 1947 but, their main business was an aerospace and defense contractor.

They have their first auto ever produced, It’s a cute little thing that I believe could be translated into a modern design for a mini car, as they are so hot right now, could be a hit for Saab. It was very interesting to see the progression of design though the decades. Saab cars have always been quirky and unique. Maybe that’s why I’ve been drawn to them.

We were about to leave when I asked if there was anywhere in town that I could actually see the new 9-5. The totally redesigned 2011 model is being produced at the Trollhattan plant but has not been shipped. It’s due out in a couple of months. The guy working told me that there is no where that you can see it…….

A new era begins for Saab with this new 9-5. At this point, not yet released.
but told us to follow him. He took us through several doors with coded locks. We entered the back of what was part of the plant and there they were. There were two models, a base model in steel gray and an Aero in a medium blue. I had seen it in articles in car magazines and was worried that it didn’t fit with the marque’s design language. Actually, I thought it to be quite ugly. Pictures sometimes lie! The car is beautiful! It carries forward into a new era the heritage but is fresh. The guy told me that I could sit inside if I wanted. With his words, I was in the car in mere seconds. What a beautiful interior…..a cockpit, definitely. The seats were so very comfortable but, I would expect that. As I have only had sports cars prior to buying the Saab, on the top of my list after power, handling, and fits Rob, great seats. My car has great seats and the new 9-5 has great seats! Ok…..I know, this is a travel blog. I just had to share this.

We continued our trek north but, while leaving town I saw something so funny I had to share. There was a directional sign on the highway and it had it listed the factories by name ( Volvo & Saab ). Below the sign, as we approached, a Volvo - going, and a Saab coming. It was too funny. This is Sweden though, it’s not such a strange sight.

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Ironic - the sign above and the Sa…
Ironic - the sign above and the S…
The first Saab ever built
The first Saab ever built
A new era begins for Saab with thi…
A new era begins for Saab with th…
photo by: delsol67