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An early flight took us from Amsterdam to Goteborg, Sweden, via Muchen. The weather upon arrival was miserable. It was raining and on the chilly side. We picked up our rental, a maroon Citroen C3 Picasso. Its a cute little car thats quite roomy but, the interior is on the wacky side.

The trip into the center was only 15 - 20 minutes. Given the weather, we decided to give the citys museum a try. We drove along the canals of the center and near the waterfront to reach our destination. I learned that among the cities first settlers were many Dutch. During the 17th century, they dug the canals that exist in the center, today. The were used, at many points, as barriers for citys fortification.

Before and sights were to be seen, food must be had.

We tried one restaurant. As they only were serving a set menu, non veg, we moved on. Across the street and down in the basement, we could see pots of soup and decided to check it out. They offered 4 different soups (15 kr each), lasagna, and falafel. I had a hearty lentil soup and falafel with brown rice, saziki, and salad (70 kr). There was a bit of confusion about how many orders of falafel we wanted but, that was remedied easily. The meal was fresh and delicious. I highly recommend it.

Before entering the museum, we decided to visit the German Christian Church, next door and the said door was open. It seemed that there had finished a service not long ago as parishoners were talking with the preacher. As it typical of Scandinavian churches, it was less embellished than typical churches on the continent.

The altar�s scene featured elements in gray and gold. Royal crests hung on the walls, to each side of the altar.

The museum covers prehistoric times until present day. The layout of the museum is not as straightforward as it should be and there are periods that seem to be missing but, it is worth a visit as there are interesting items that make it worth your time.

A few I found interesting are:

- The Stella Hoe

- The Kammin Chest

- Viking Combs

After, we walked along the waterfront. There were many military and fishing boats on the way to the main event, The Viking. It�s a ship built, in Copenhagen, around the turn of the 20th century with 4 sailing masts.

It�s one of only 10 of it�s kind left in the world. She carried timber from Northern Sweden to Austrailia. In 1950 it was purchased by the city of Goteborg. Since 1998 it has been operated as a restaurant and hotel.

Next was the Decorative Arts Museum. There were rainbow flags out front�.??? The entrance was included in the price of the city history museum. They had a variety of art and design exhibits. In the exploration of the ancient, there was a beautiful reliquary from Limoges, France circa 1200. Also, several shell and sliver cups from the Middle Ages were a highlight. A carved wooden tankard from Norway (1600) was a unique find.

The modern pop culture exhibit had everything from chairs to bicycles to movie posters.

We found the fountain with a statue of Poseidon and the area surrounding had more rainbow flags. Upon closer inspection of the area, we found many tents with people promoting different gay groups. They were readying for a festival, the next day. It would be the first gay pride parade and celebration in Goteborg. Also, they were celebrating their right to marry which had only passed this year.

On the drive from Goteborg to Marstrand, we passed through forests, crossed rivers, churches with tall steeples, a fortress high up on a hill, and island hopped. We stopped at a high bridge between two islands and enjoyed the view of the many islands in the channel. On the path there were several slugs and colorfully shelled snails.

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