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hey guys... well the australian weather is nothing like what everyone told us it was gonna be like.... dont get me wrong its sunny everyday but as soon as that stupid sun goes down its bludy freezin!!!!!! so today we are off to buy some winter clothes for our road trip down to the snowy mountains..... this week we thought we shall just relax in true brit style... i dont think we have left our beds before 11 and after that humiliating defeat to the germans i didnt leave my bed the whole day... thanks upson!!!! while we have been stayin with the $10 pom family we have been tryin to save as much money as poss but its sorta back firin!! as we stayin with them we kinda need to get taxis everywhere and we eatin different take outs every night.... i can now tell you where to go for the best pizza or where to go for the little extras ;-) haha jokes.... but it does cost $160 for half hour....... wrong turn lol... so we went down to kings cross on saturday and everything people have said about the place is wrong its an awesome spot and a wicked place to meet people..... thanks to the greek that bought us lots of drinks then we f**ked off haha.... i think thats enough blabbering for now... off into town and maybe bondi... bye for now
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