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so we arrived at mission beach about half 3 and dropped off at the coach point.. told to go buy food by the coach driver as the yha was a little out the way they say... so we go to woolies and get some bits and pieces.. just the essentials brekkie lunch and dinner... then jump on the yha mini bus and off we go.. the journey was about 20 mins and we were heading deeper and deeper into the rainforest!!! this place was in the middle of nowhere but not to worry they sell goon at the hostel!!! thank god!!! not sure if i could cope staying in a treehouse without any goon... once checked in we walk about and find spiders and all creepy crawlys you can think of and they everywhere in the bedroom the kitchen the showers.... we then walk into our old pal immanuel.. he says it was the worst night sleep of his life and that there is nothin to do!!! so we decide to take a stroll down to the beach.. ended up being a 40 minute hike and played footy for about half hour then it started to get dark.. we thought head back as theres no lights on the road!!! we got back to the hostel made dinner then bought a goon... we met another english guy... name i dont know... so 1 goon and a pack of playing cards!!! we plyed pyramid and a few others.. polished off the goon in just over an hour and by this point we were told to go to the loud area as it was quiet time upstairs.. the loud area was an old bar about 10 metres away from the treehouse and was pretty crap.. but no worries we had another goon and more people to play cards with... so we played nomination.. quite a easy game to get the jist of but there is 2 versions!! you have nice or nasty as we were pretty plastered we played nice... even that was a bit much... after al this drink matt and immanuel couldnt stop themselves from pissin about.. imm jumped up onto the bar and took off his shirt and started waving it around his head.. 2 seconds later matt's doing the same... one of the girls shouted pull down his shorts.. so i did.. haha and at that point the night manager walked round the corner.. she took away our goon and told the guys to get down and get dressed.. down they did.. dressed they didnt.. they wanted to get into the pool by this point and the night manager caught them again... as we were pretty pissed we just found all this funny.. so up to the hammocks we went and matt started swinging me... i was basically upside down when the night manager shouted at us again... to bed you gotta go so immanuel and matt went up to bed i hid then jumped back in the hammock... i slept there till about 7 then went back up to bed... next morning and we want to book another night in and they refuse.. we were to loud and to rude last night not to mention too drunk.. so we booked a cab and went to the best hostel ever!!! SCOTTY's!!!!!!! we booked 3 nights in there and got a free t-shirt.. so our first day was pretty boring just chilled out on the beach.. back had dinner then went down to the beach for a bonfire.. but we had a nap during the day and forgot to go get booze. so we had a quiet night and bed early!!! next day we thought right first thing booze!!! went got 2 goons for 20 bucks and also a bit of food for the stay... back to the hostel and down the beach and played a bit of volleyball... chilled out in the pool for a bit and played on the plank over the pool.. tryin to hit each other off with sponge swords... good laugh!!! when night came we had a bbq and started drinkin.. we met 4 german girls that were stayin in our hostel and started playin drinking games... we started off with pyramid but then the girls pulled their cards out and we started playing ring of death and with this game came many rules.. and lucky old me got picked on all the time.. i always done something wrong which meant i had to drink and to top it off i was someones mate so when they drank i drank... bad times... but we had a good laugh... until i tried pushing christine in the pool then she decided to jump on me then matt lovely old him pushes us in from behind... fully dressed... well once in then i can go in again so christine got out i chased her down picked her up and in we went again... by this time the night manager was a little pissed so no more going in the pool!!! i also fell over face first like klinsmann onto the gravel floor.. cut up my hand and my toes.. but didnt realise til the morning!!! also i was tryin to be sick but nothin would come out... haha luckily my heroe christine stayed with me and made sure i was feeling ok... even though i kinda grabbed her inappropriately earlier that night... was the drink i swear!!! haha... so when i see her in the morning first thing i did was say sorry :P next day we went down to the beach and got alot of coconuts and peeled them to get to the core... everyone was giving us strange looks but we didnt care... when we were done we headed back to scottys with our 9 coconuts and made cups out of them to drink our goon with... they didnt last very long but were cool while they did...that night i said to myself i wasnt to get drunk but matt had other ideas... he was to get smashed... we started off the night with a budget meal of a burger each but then the lovely german girls fed us!!! they cooked to much bbq food and gave us a meal fit for a king!!! then we entered into a quiz and we did a little better than the last one we came third from last with help from our german friends!!! and we even cheated and got it wrong thanks to Oona and Christine!!! how they managed that i dont know haha.... after the quiz finished the drinking games begun we met another 2 english guys and they brought there goons over to join us.. so we had 3 goons between us... was gonna get messy!!! i tryed not to drink to much and when i could i would get out of the games... spent alot of the night graffiting christines book!!! she loved it haha... but anyway matt and immanuel went back to there same ways from the yha and without a doubt up on the table shirt off and waving it round there heads!!! then i got pulled in to who has to walk the plank over the pool!!! the way we decided who did it was with an old fashioned game of rock, paper, scissors!!! i escaped but matt lost!!! haha... and across the plank he would have to go... knowing that we had to leave the next day he thought be a good idea to take his clothes off and just do it in his boxers cos he didnt wanna get his clothes wet... smart idea!! he fell after 1 step... atthis point the night manager had already told us off about 15 times!!! this was the last straw!!! so matt got his clothes back on and over the beach we went!!! was matt, immanuel, the 2 englishs guys, an english girl, Christine and Oona.. we thought lets make a fire so we did... and it was pretty darn good too.... except finding the wood when it was pitch black was a bit of a bitch!!! once we got the wood and the fire roaring we layed back on the sand and watched the sky... was awesome!!! the moon light off the sea.. the fire burning and the shooting stars in the sky... sounds a bit gay but it was like something from a dream... haha...we all layed there till about 4am with goon in hand playing i never!!! was one of the best nights so far!!! when we got back to scottys matt realised that he had left his flip flops on the beach!!! how were we gonna find them??? we wnet back had a breif look and couldnt find them.. i headed back to the room and matt stayed with the english guys by the fire.. when he came back someone trod on them and found them so he didnt have to splash out anything else!!! next morning and all the girls were already up and about with there brekkie cooked.. they were headin to cairns that day as we were headin down to tully for work!!! we said our goodbyes to them and off they went... we had to stick around for a bit as our coach wasnt till 3!!! we went to check out and as we did the night manager walked round the corner!!! "these 3 guys were causing trouble and making alot of noise last night so they have lost their key deposit!"......well i thought about kicking up a fuss but the guy did kinda tell us 3 times that we will lose it and we did... so maybe we are not welcome in scottys now!!! we went to the coach stand and waited for an hour or so and no coach!! so immanuel went into the info shop and came out with 3 tickets to tully on the next greyhound coach!!! why did he buy these??? we have a jump on jump off ticket that goes past tully!!! so he had spent 50 bucks on tickets we already had!!! muppet!!! so all in all mission beach was very memorable... we got kicked out of 1 hostel and probably not allowed back... and also lost our deposit at scottys!!! fun times!!!!!

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Mission Beach
photo by: rolimeier