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sooooo.... we went to bondi and bought a few jumpers and some warm clothes.... stupid me didnt check when the alarm went off when we left the shop but i still had an ink tag on my clothes..... so gotta take a trip back there in the week to get it off.... pissed me off i tell you.... but that was just the start of the day/night... when we jumped on the train to head home we decided to get off at central sydney have a couple of beers then head home.... them couple of beers soon turned into 20 and sleepin on a strangers bed... lol.... we went to a bar called scubar... which is awesome btw when it starts rockin'... in there we met 'peter kay' 2 scotsman, and an army soldier..... along with some aussie birds and some switz girls tooo.... needless to say we drank alot had a good laugh then got told we cant come back in cos matt was too pissed and had his trousers down.... matt says its not true but the button had fallen off his trousers.... so we had to move on somewhere else.... KINGS CROSS!!!!... best place to go when your smashed!!!.. we ended up in some world bar and cant remember what we drank or what we done in there... when we had more or less drunk all we can we decided to head home!!! but where is home??? no trains no busses and need to get to the suburbs.... so we went back with the army guy and crashed in his "barracks" lol.... woke up next morning, bad headache and no money in my wallet.... :-) but i did end up with 2 girls numbers!!!! dont know who or how but its all gravy lol.... later that day after a weirry train journey searching through my pockets i find a reciept for $90 at the world bar... then parts of the night started to come back.... CHAMPAGNE!!! so i spent near on $150 in cash plus $90 on the champers!!! so that was an EXPENSIVE ASS NIGHT OUT!!! we made a pack not to go out this weekend and to save our money.... but screw that im off down the tavern... bye for now...
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