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we were heading for maggie island today but the weather could have been a bit better... very cloudy and a bit chilly... we got on the ferry and made our way there... the island was only about 15 mins from townsville... the boat ride was a little choppy and a bit windy and we were all feeling a lil bit rough!!! when we got on the island our hostel was like 8 km from the ferry port so we wanted to hire a moke to get around the island... there are only 4 or 5 roads on the island that are accesable by car so we thought why not... the prices were all quite high and were backpackers so we dont have that kind of money!!! so we found this place that do 'barbie cars' now these things dont have roofs or doors radios nothing... they just basic cars but look just like barbie ones.. i wanted to get a white and blue one or at least a manly looking one but matt and manny wanted a red and white one!!! why i dont know haha... so we paid the man his money and we now had the car for 48hrs!! that was fine as we were only planning on staying on the island for 2 nights.. so matt jumped in the drivers seat me in the back with all the bags an manny called shotgun... 10 mins into the drive and the heavens open!!! just our luck... we have a car with no roof or doors and on an island that has 322 days of sunshine a year and 30 rain!!! i think i may have said this before but 'Shit Happens!!' we got to the hostel and checked into our cabin.. we stayed at yha koala village and it wasnt a bad place just a bit in the middle of nowhere!!! we went for a quick drive while the rain stopped to go get some food and have a little look around the island.. we got back and the rain started to come down heavier.. so we were stuck at the hostel all night.. we met a canadian girl from our room and convinced her to have a few drinks with us and join our team for a quiz.. our team 'CLUNGE' didnt do too badly and we didnt lose.. mostly thanks to the girl.. we were crap at quiz's haha... next day we decided to go for a wlk as the weather was a little better and we went up some mountain on the island and climbed to the tallest point... we took lots of pictures and see quite a few koalas and baby koalas... matt and many were moaning about there legs on the walk down... think its the most exercise either of them have done while being in australia!!! we went back to the hostel and chilled around there for most of the day... cooked dinner, sat at the bar and went for a drive to see the sun set over the mountains.... next day we had to be up early to check out of the hostel by 10... drop the car off before half 10 and get the ferry at 10.15 for the coach to pick us up at 10.35... so time was of the essence.... we woke up a bit later than we wanted but hurried to make dinner... then checked out.. by this time it was already 10 and if we hit traffic can take 15 mins to get to the port... so i jumped in the drivers seat and pedal to the metal... we got there with 8 mins to spare and time to get some food and drink for the coach journey down to airlie...

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Magnetic Island
photo by: Morle