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So.... we decided to leave Sydney for a while and head to the snowy mountains, but before we could do that we had to have a good old drink in Sydney central!!!! and a heavy one it was..... tooo much money!!

We spent a whole day trying to find a campervan for a week and at the cheapest price possible.. best price we got was $600 with britz campers.... first thing we did was stock up on food an drink... so down to the cheap supermarket!! noodles, crisps and bread lol... the essentials!! so in all we spent $60 on food and $60 on beer..... perfect!!

we tryed to work out on a map how to get to the snowys but that really wasnt working, so off to the nearest electronics store to buy a tom tom.... now driving is easy!!! Took us near to 5 hours to get there but when we arrived all the camps were closed so we parked up in the nearest car park and camped there for the night!!! fish finger sandwiches mmmmmmmm.........

our first day in the snowys and our most expensive day so far!! $150 dollars each for snow board hire and $250 dollars for train and ski lift passes!!!! our lil campervan trip ended up costing us near on $1000 dollars each for 1 week!!!!! stupid!!!!

so up on the slopes and i havent been snow boarding ever in my life and i think everyone could tell, i couldnt stand or turn left so it wasnt the best of times but still had a right laugh... matt on the otherhand had done it a few times so after 2 or 3 runs he was going well.... untill he nearly killed a little girl!!!! someone on skis fell over in front of him then matt fell over just past and the little girl had to swerve out the way of him and fell off the edge of the cliff narrowly missing the rocks and landing in a ice cold puddle.... you will be happy to know the girl survived lol...

back to the camp site and aching all over from falling over so many times lovely hot shower and chillin in the games room played a bit of table tennis and watched some tv then hit the hay nice and early so we can wake up early for another dreadful day on the slopes...

Up on the slopes for the second day and the weather is gorgeous..... not a cloud in the sky but thats a bad thing.... it means everyone comes out to ski!!!! every ski lift was backed up and took near on 15 mins just to get on.... but the snow boarding slowly improved for me but as i was aching and bruised from the day before every fall was hurting more an more.... so we left the slopes a bit early as we were both in pain and headed back to the camp for dinner and table tennis...

woke up early the next day and headed back to sydney.... we went to a camp site in rockdale but was a bit of a hillbilly site so we looked for another one.... we drove for another hour and found sydney gateway and decided to camp here...  


mightor20 says:
that was a lot of money! lol. but i bet you had a grand time. :)
Posted on: Jul 15, 2010
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photo by: polvandenwirre