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so we arrived at airlie beach about 3pm on thursday and had a short walk to the hostel we were staying at... we had booked it through yha at maggie island as the yha at airlie was full.... she managed to get us a good deal... a 10 share room for 14.50 a night!!! the cheapest so far... the room was not bad... had ensuite and close to the bar.. but a mile away from the kitchen and propbably the worst kitchen ive seen so far on my travels... has 4 hobs 1 frying pan and 3 pans... this was for a hostel with hundreds of people staying in... but they did have a restaurant on site so there plan was for everyone to eat there!!! first night we got prety wasted on 8$ jugs of VB then went for a dance at mama afrikas.... prob the best place at airlie... the next day we chilled out at the lagoon and decided to get a few goons for the night... we managed to persuade neil a guy in our dorm to join in... we all got pretty pissed on the goon but matt was alot more worse for wear... manny decided to stay in while we attempted to go out... matt was told that he cant drink at the hostel bar.. then mama afrikas... and by this point he finding it hard to stand.. he told me to give him a slap on the face to wake him up a bit... i asked him a few times are you sure.. and he said yes scott just slap me... so i did!! it was the best connection i could of done... it actually stung my hand and matt was running about holding his face... neil was on the floor by this point pissing himself laughing.... but the plan didnt work matt was now pissed but with a hand print on his face.. so i took him back to the hostel.. picked him up off the floor a few times and had to help him put his flip flops on in the middle of the street... got him to the room and he thought it would be funny to jump on some poor spanish girl sleeping on the bed above him... she had the freight of her life and i had to say sorry... so put matt in his bed and i went back out to mama's.... met back up with neil and karen who we had met earlier that night... we had a few drinks there and a bit of a dance then decided to head home.... next morning matt still drunk and ive got a bit of a headache... so we end up staying in bed for most of the day... we went out for 1 or 2 that night but had an early one....the next few days were the same.... went to the lagoon or the beach during the day then had a goon or 2 in the evening then out to paddy's or mama's.... i pplugged my camera into a pc at an internet cafe while at airlie so i can load my pics to facebook..... when i clicked choose pics they were all wipped clean!!! the pc had a virus and deleted all my pics from my card!!! i was in the worse mood ever just wanted to shout or hit someone... they guy at the cafe tried to help but they were gone!!! he said to me you dont have to pay for the use of the computer... too fucking right!!! i then mat neil at the bar and told him what happended so decided this was the rite time to get on the beer... so we ended up having a good few jugs each then found some huy selling 24 beers for 25 bucks... why not... we drank a few of them then headed out again to mama's......still annoyed about my pics i got a text from a mate back home... he was in cairns!!! i had been speaking to christine who was also in cairns and decided fuck it im gonna head up there for a few days... so i booked the coach return from wednesday to sunday... the next few days in airlie all i could think about was getting up to cairns....

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Airlie Beach
photo by: Anouksreizen