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So after my 10 hour coach journey from Cairns i arrived in Airlie... went to the dorm room and met up with matt and manny... told them of my trip and what had happend while i was away... GOOOON!!!! haha... also they had booked 2 cruises for us for the next 2 days.... so we had a quiet night when i got back as we had to be up nice and early to go to thr great barrier reef..... we were up at half 6 to catch the coach for 7.15....we got on the boat and headed to the reef.. what is it with tour speakers and their lame ass jokes??? do your head in or what??? or is it just the aussie sense of humour?? whatever it is please stop!!! we got to the reef and it was called the Knuckle reef for obvious reasons.. looked like a knucle... :-) haha..... there was a floating barge that had a water slide on and all the gear to snorkel or dive.. so we snorkelled for a bit and spent some time on the water slide.. after lunch we chilled out in the sun then headed back to land.... least now we can say we seen the reef!!!! the boat ride back was about 2 hours so we sat down and watched finding nemo.. awesome film.. i reccomend wathcing it if you havent already... :-) when we got back we chilled out in the room and watched toy story 3 then fell asleep... next morning had to be up just as early to go on the whitsundays cruise.. but thing about this one was from 11am there was free booze!!!! so we sat back and relaxed on the boat mostly sleeping till 11 came around.. and when it did we drank!!! played a few drinking games and i knocked a can of beer out of matts hand and overboard it went!!! the captain was looking at us when we done this but we pretended nothing happened!!! after a few beers we arrived at white haven beach!!! this place was incredible!!! sand as white as snow and so soft was gorgeous.. we jumped on the motor boat and cruised over to the beach... played some football, cricket and aussie rules on the beach for about 2 hours then got on the yacht and started to head back... we had enough of beer and were starting to get bloated so we started on the wine... it was shit!!! so only way to drink it was drinking games.... 6 bottles of wine later and were done.... when we got back to the hostel we wanted to drink a bit more so we got a goon... as you do.. and then went to shennanigans for a while... next day we had to get the coach to 1770 (agnes water) so we chilled out at the hostel until the coach came.. had a nice 10hr journey to go.. so i stole a pillow from the hostel, made my own pillow case out of an old t shirt and we were on our way!!!

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Airlie Beach
photo by: Anouksreizen