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so... we arrived in cairns after a very uncomfortable flight from sydney that took just over 3 hours.. arrived just after 11pm and made our way to the YHA central cairns... when we got here we met the night manager.... and i thought my previous jobs night manager was bad!!! this guy is a total c**k!!! with probably the worst hair cut seen... lol... bald on the front with a wavvy pony tail!!!??? WTF??? so we asked him where to go to buy some food and sent us to a lil convenience store round the block.. so we bought some food an came back to the hostel to find the kitchen shut!!! we asked the night manager if we can cook an he replied no your too late kitchen closes at 12!!! wan**r... so we went into our room and gonna have an early one... into the 12 share mixed room we went... prob worst night sleep ive had while been here but woke up to some nips so wernt too bad... lol... when we got up met some australian guy that were sharing the room with us and he introduced himself to us... I'M SHAY!!! and his name will live on to be legendary!!! we started drinkin bout 11 went to the shops and bought a load of food to last us the week an split it 3 ways...egg an bacon sarnie then down the pub!!! after quite a few beers in the local "hooters" and about 6 hours later we were told that SHAY must leave as he had far too much... so we walked back to the hostel bought a 5 ltr goon for 12 bucks and up to the balcony we went.... there we met a load of guys that were stayin in our room and we joined them for a few drinks... here was where SHAY lived up to his name!!! every 2 mins he would introduce himself 'I'M SHAY' but he was so pissed he couldnt even stand... we found a little lizard and picked it up to put in shays face and what does he do??? he slaps my hand and says 'I'M SHAY' luckily the little fella jumped of my hand before he were dead!!! shay decided to do a little bit of pole dancing.... well holding onto 2 poles and one hand slipped and he spun round the other pole... Hilarious!!! after a few more drinks we find shay asleep outside on a chair we try to pick him up but this guys weighs over 18 stone!!! so we leave him and head into city.. come back just after 3am to find there is no sign of SHAY!!! so went to bed and next morning the guys tell us he woke up had a few more beers up to bed then threw up all over the room and into some lucky guys bag!!! he gets told to get out and got pushed into the swimming pool... to this day no-one knows the where abouts of SHAY so if you see he please let me know!!! haha...

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photo by: Katie_Kate