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so cairns so far has been pretty hectick... goon a day between me and matt and down to either gilligans, woolshed or pj's for some wet t-shirt comps ;-)..... on tuesday we decided to hire a boat between 5 of us and go do some fishing and croc hunting.... tell you what is was a pretty wicked day.. and first day of sunshine while in cairns.... we had the boat from 12 till 6 and i was the lucky one to be captain so i got to drive the boat all day.. we caught a few fish but they had to be over a certain size to keep and after a lot of putting them back we caught a decent size one and decided we shall keep it and eat it!!!so matt gave it a go at killin the poor thing.... wrapped it up in a towel and smacked its head on the metal chair... DEAD!! or so we thought!! the thing starts flappin about on the deck so he picks it up and gives it another 3 smacks... now its dead!!! or not??? this thing is indistructable... so matt picks the thing up and hits it another 5 times as hard as he can.... still the things not dead so i decide theres only 1 way!!!! stamp on the fucker... shorly after 3 stamps its dead and ready for guttin!!! after we gutted the fish we went back to the hostel and decided to cook it... some australian old man comes over and says your doing it all wrong and went kamakazi on the fish.... ended up with to fillets no bigger than a post it note!!! but it did taste good... we then decided to go out for a few drinks when we met an aussie called clayton... but he preffered to be called sniper so we called him aussie!!! he was just a pure pisshead.. had started drinkin the goon about 3 pm and 4 litres later he ends up with us drinkin more... so we went out to woolshed and there he was like a monkey... in the shed they have wooden bars across the ceiling and lots of bar tables that everyone dances on... so he was swinging around landing on top of everyone but was such a laugh... we ended up gettin pissed with him every night and all going back to the tv room to sleep well watch tv and the aussie slept!!!  we met a few decent people in cairns.. one especially his name is Immanuel from germany and he is one of the funniest guys ive met.. he has so much banter and can come back at you without even thinking about it!!! so now there was a few of us going out on the piss every night and starting the night off with a goon or 2 then beer!!! on friday immanuel or (miguel) some people may say left cairns and headed down to the mission beach yha which was our next destination so we were to meet him there... our last night in cairns and we met the aussie about 2pm and asked if he wanted to go 3 ways on some beer so we did.. down the bottle-o.. we start drinking at half 4 and by 5 the aussie has downed all 8 of his beers.. and by this point me and matt done maybe 5 and he tryed taking ours so me and matt had to polish ours off hastly... so half 5 and we outta drink already.. so we get a goon... best idea!!! then we meet 5 canadian girls staying in our hostel and they wanna play drinking games so that we did.. by 10pm we were pretty smashed and decided to go to town and to the woolshed... many drinks later and were all dancing on the tables and matt's drinking beer body shots out of the aussies belly button... tasty!!! everyone has left except for me and emily so we take a leisurly stroll back to the hostel and into the tv room and everyone was there!!! so we made ourselves comfy and watched tv!!! next morning was a bit groggy and had to check out of the hostel and go catch the coach down to mission beach... said our goodbyes and we were out of cairns!!!

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photo by: Katie_Kate