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i had to get up nice and early on wednesday morning to catch the coach to head up to cairns... when i got on the coach the smell was overwhelming!!! smelt like vile morning breath!!! well the coach had travelled from brisbane and been an overnight journey.... wasnt too pleasent...but luckily had some girl sit in front of me and she just sprayed her perfume everywhere... thank you!!! the whole coach journey i was thinking was i doing the right thing to go back to cairns and leave matt and manny at airlie??? when i arrived at cairns and met up with Christine and Oona at the casino i thought it was the right idea... missed the girls from mission beach.... so first thing we did was get a couple of goons meet up with Coco, Stella and Jenni and then head to the hostel.. i gave danny a quick call and told him where i was and then he headed to our hostel... we polished off both the goons while playin ring of death... again i was getting screwed over with all the rules...soon after we were told to leave the hostel as it was quiet time so we picked up the goon and went to gilligans for a quick one then into the woolshed... we stayed there till about 3 dancing the night away and getting pretty fucked!!! morning after we all had a bit of a lay in and decided to head into town... Christine had been without any money for a few days because of a cock up with her bank.. but today was a good day.. she had money!!! we went and got some lunch then looked around for a car to take 7 of us up to cape trib but no luck.. had to be 25 to get a car!!! so we went to shops as Chris had promised she was gonna cook shepards pie.. we stole the trolley from woolies and walked it back to the hostel.. dumping it in a bush we went in and got showered and changed... the girls asked at reception and we found a car that we could hire for the cape trib trip!!! and you only had to be over 21 so we were all happy.. Chris cooked the shepards pie and for a hostel with no ove she did a great job... after stuffing our faces we decided to go cinema and have a quiet night as we had to be up early for cape trib in the morning... watched a very miserable film called 'matching jack' about a young boy that gets cancer... wouldnt reccomend it... we then slowly strolled back to the hostel and got ready for bed... next morning up bright and early we went an picked up the car then met danny at woolies, stocked up with food and drink and headed to cape trib... i had already been there so kinda knew the way... ish!!! we got there just short of 2 hours and took a few pics from some view points then headed to the beach... we found a rope swing on a tree and spent a while there and taking loads of pics.. i gave my camera to the girls to take all the pics and ended up being a good idea.. we jumped back in the car and went to a croc hot spot but see no crocs... so we walked down the creek to a swimming hole.. we stripped down and jumped in... the water was freezing but we all had a good laugh.. there was a rope swing that swung into the creek so me and danny spent most of the time on that....we then went up to the cape tribulation beach and spent about an hour there taking lots of pics and just messing about.. jenni wanted to drive back so i gave her the keys and we were back on the road... lets just say the drive home was a memorable one ;-) haha....when we got back to the hostel we dropped off the car got a couple of goons and went to the woolshed for some dinner.. when we got back we got ready to go out and start drinking... we started playing ring of death like always and in no time at all the old lady from the hostel came out and said we had to leave!! so we all went into our dorm room and started to drink there... half hour went by and we get a bang on the door.. a couple of the girls tried to hide in the shower and 1 behind a bed... the old lady wasnt fooled... she found them and we all had to leave.. so we picked up the goon and walked down the esplanade.. finished off the goon and went to the woolshed.. but after 12 so no free entry!!! so we thought lets try gilligans... Oona was a little drunk and was turned away so we walked her back to the hostel but she ran away from us.. couldnt find her anywhere.. so we chilled out at the lagoon and headed back a bit later... found Oona hugging the toilet and helped her into bed... we sat outside for a bit talking then decided to hit the hay.. next morning was my last day in cairns so wanted to do something.. but the sun was out so evryone wanted to go down to the lagoon... so we went down there but stupid me forgot to take sun lotion... so without doubt i burnt!!! and pretty badly too.... i went back to the hostel before everyone else because i couldnt stay in the sun much longer... we cooked up some dinner then got ready to go out for my last night... bought a couple more goons and started drinking!!! some german guy that we didnt know decided to sit down with us and start drinking our goon!!! scott was not happy about this... especially when he started getting cockey!!! so the girls told him something in german and the guy was gone... good riddens... didnt like the guy.. haha... so when kick out time came we went to the woolshed and spent a couple of hours drinking and dancing there... double jack and coke...mmmmm lovely.... when the place started to die we went to mc donalds got some food then went over to the lagoon and chilled out there for a bit... 3 oclock came round and we headed back to the hostel... i had to be up at 6 to catch my coach at 7 so i quickly packed my bag and got into bed... next morning said goodbye to the girls and sent danny a quick text.. took the long walk to the coach stop and got on... had an amazing 4 days in cairns... just wish i had some more time.....

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photo by: Katie_Kate