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So..... we had to give our camper back on friday and wasnt too sure where to go from there so we thought bondi would be a good idea.... dont get me wrong the place is amazing but not what i thought from one of the worlds best beaches!!! its quite small from what i pictured it would be!!! but doesnt matter were here.... to start off the weekend it was jamies birthday so we headed into the city to 790 on george st and down to the basement for some GOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!! for those of you that dont know what a goon is then you dont know what your missin... an im not gonna tell ya... lol... so we had i think 5 5ltr goons between 12 of us and shortly into it the drinkin games start.... when the goons were done we decided to hit the town... startin with scubar!!! using peter kays membership key ring were able to get scooners for 3 bucks a piece... best price around so we had a fair few in there.... as usual matt was lookin a bit worse for wear and without doubt wernt let back in scubar so we had to move on.... 3 monkeys... matt not allowed in..... scruffy murphys..... matt not allowed in... but was told to get a coffe then he can come in so off matt went to get a coffee... think most of it went down his shirt but hey he did what the bouncer said.. matt comes back.. nope your not coming in... so we head back to scubar after a few minutes or persuassion we can go in but no drink for matt... we walk down an come back out.. its shite!!! then we meet our scouse mate scott and head into kings cross... havin a few in there and by this time its 3 am and we a bit pissed... a girl comes up to matt an says somin to her but he cant understand so i ask her??? she wants to know if matt is gay straight or taken cos her mate (some guy) likes him... hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i tell her hes straight but open to new things... in the end was a good night and not too expensive!!! we decided to have a quiet one on the saturday walked down to the beach front and looked for somin cheap to eat... fat chance were in bondi!!! so we found this place which was pretty busy called 'Bondi Pizza' best pizza i have had in my LIFE!!!!!!!! so if your ever in bondi go there and get the 'bondi meat supreme' and ask for extra of there special bbq sauce.... i didnt want it to finish... after the weekend spent on the beach im startin to get a little worried about matt!!! he has started callin out speedo watch when he spots someone in speedo's.... its startin to scare me!!! the rest of the week spent at bondi went quite fast just chilled about an went into town a couple of times an went to peter kays birthday in the city.... few drinks went down a treat...

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photo by: rollerblading