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so after a nice 10 hour bus trip down to 1770 we jumped on the courtesy bus to 1770 beachside backpackers with 2 lovely ladies that worked there ;)....on the way to the hostel we stopped off at a cafe to get a quick latte...when we got to the hostel we checked into a 10 bed dorm for 3 nights...it was raining for the whole 1st day we were there but promised the weather was going to get better the next day....the worst thing about the place was it had no phone coverage for vodafone!!! i hated it... so the 1st day we just chilled in the hostel went to the shops to get somin quick for dinner then watched american gangster...we had an early night as there wasnt much to do at 1770 when its raining!!! next day we woke up and the weather was gooood!!! we woke up nice and early then got a body board and a skim board then headed down to the beach... not many waves so we didnt play in the sea for long... after the beach we went back to the hostel had a quick nap and i bought a new sim card for my phone so i now had signal!!! woowooo...we ended up just havin a movie marathon that night then went bed... next day was also a bit boring but there was a pirate theme party at the hostel and you had to dress up as pirates.. so we didnt....we had a couple of beers in the bar and when asked why were not dressed up as pirates we said "yes we are!!! we are pirate radio dj`s!!! haha...they didnt find it as funny as us... we went bed as we had to catch anoother coach to hervey bay...

so we arrived at hervey bay without a hostel booked and didnt know what was available till we see a sumo lookin islander standing next to a bus... he said come stay at Nomads!!! so as it was the only coach around we decided to stay there...he was a bit of a dodgy driver but was so funny because he was soo stupid.. he see a dog on the street and started barking!!! haha..... so we got to the hostel and checked in... place seemed to be ok but the kitchen was shit!!! so dirty and had nothin.... we had a look around for trips to fraser island because thats really all you can do here... but we worked it out and we all didnt really have that much money so we all made a pack that we would work for a couple of months in brissy and manuel at melbourne then come back and do it!!! so we chilled at the hostel for a few days and spent alot of the time at the beach or pissin off the sum islander... see he soo many times but never got his name.. haha....immanuel couldnt go to brisbane too early so he was going to stay at hervey bay and catch up on his diary and write some post cards while me and matt went down to rainbow beach....

we said our goodbyes to immi and then got on the coach to rainbow beach.....we arrived there again without booking a hostel but there was only 3 to choose from and they were all next to each other so we choose the 1 people had talked about and that was the dingos hostel.... we booked in for a couple of nights and glad we only stayed for that long... the place was soo boring just like hervey bay...... gateway to fraser island.... so everyone at the hostel were waking up really early to go there so that meant they were going bed early toooo.... so we had our burritos and went to bed.. no time for goon :( woke up next day and played some basketball over the court opposit the hostel and then went down the beach.... we picked a nice spot so we could play footy and not bother anyone but that turned out to be a bad move!!! we went in the sea as the waves were pretty awesome and massive!!! we were gettin wiped out by them... we had a good laugh in there... but after 10 mins we were fucked!!! so we got out but in the time we were in the sea some dick stole my wallet!!! prick!!! so i had the fun of cancellin my cards and losing my money and wallet.... luckily the hostel took my licence as room key deposit and i had my emergency credit card with my passport... but now i have no cash and im using a credit card!!! not good... cant say i wasnt happy when we left rainbow beach!!!

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photo by: joneseybones