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chart o aliens

I don't know about you,  but I already have my ticket booked on the virgin galactic space journey, no doubt when i'm on my journey I will encounter a few aliens... and not the type working at burger king or taco bell..... or pizza hut....

So I have found this handy chart to help identify the different type of aliens that you may encounter curtosy of the UFO museum in Roswwll new mexico; and lets face us, as humans we love classifying everything we may encounter into different races, so we can more efficiently discriminate and inslave ( I hear the giant praying mantis is great for pest control!)

So here are the "races":

The watcher:  Looks like a poofy ninja, spotted in west virginia, word is they enjoy drinking mountain dew and playing country music... 

The Greys:  Your stereotypical alien, noted for abducting people and sticking stuff up their ass.  Great canidate for alien three-some!

The Browns:  Once you go brown you don't go back?  Without available literature it appears that the browns are greys that have rhythm. 

The gigantic praying Mantis:  Resemble Zorak from space ghost and arch enemy of the big giant cricket planet. 

Humanoid:  Huge white guys from outer space, as seen in the movie "Dude where's my car".  May be from the Pleiadies 

Bigfoot:  Not sure how big foot ended up on this list... we all know he lives in washington... but apparently he is involved with flying saucers... go figure

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chart o aliens
chart o aliens
photo by: X_Drive