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I’m leaving in two days!

Yaaay… I can’t believe it’s really happening! Wait a minute… Shit. I‘m so not ready. Why am I doing this, again?

I want to meet all my friends. And I want to be left alone. I want my mommy. And I want my freedom. I want to see the world. And I want to curl up in my bed and stay there.

Warning: I’m about to throw a Super-Sulk!

No body told me how miserable the last few days were going to be. They really are. Maybe they don’t tell you because you might chicken out. Maybe ‘they’ didn’t feel like I do. And I feel scared and elated, focused and chaotic, convinced and conflicted. What the hell is going on?

It’s probably a good thing that I have a million lose ends to tie up. I’m struggling to pull everything together. I don’t have my international phone sim-card, though I‘m expecting it anytime. My ForexPlus travel card hasn’t been activated yet. My equipment is a few pieces short and I’m still one Visa away from the full suite!
And for some reason, I thought switching to a Mac, a few days before I leave was a good idea. Oh, did I mention, and I’m completely Mac illiterate?

But, I did say I’d be living adventurously this year. Serves me right!

Fortunately, the chaos keeps me distracted most of the day.

But, it’s the quieter moments that until now I’d given no thought to, that really get the better of me. Like catching a glimpse of my parents sitting together, talking about me; excited and afraid at the same time. Or the bursts of unconditional love and drool from my Dog. He’s pretty old and I’m painfully aware of his frailty. The transcontinental Skype sessions with my sister and the realization that it’s her meticulous instructions, that have helped me more than any guide book or travel blog.

If I had all my paperwork in place and nothing left to freak out about, this is about the time I’d be having a meltdown.

I knew there was an upside to being a disorganized procrastinator. Ha!

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