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View from near school. What a clear day!

I know I have definitely said this already, but I love my apartment. There is this little courtyard outside of our apartment that is kind of drab now, but will be really pretty when everything warms up. There is a little creaky wooden bridge to get to our building, and parrots in the trees! It is weird, that occasionally Chile reminds me more of Zambia than Mexico. I can’t think of why that would be except that maybe it is something about the Southern Hemisphere?

                On Sunday we went to the house of the youngest of my hostmom’s daughters. She has 3 kids, all very sweet and well behaved. They live down south outside of the city. It was a lot warmer, I think her house is more open and the sun was shining wonderfully. I loved laying on the trampoline and remembering what it was like to be warm again. The trouble was it quickly got uncomfortably hot and you can’t really save that sensation, so now I am cold again with only the memory of such a faraway time.  Ach, such sentimentality over some degrees! That said, I started showering in the hall shower, and it has reliable hot water!!! I think that the showerhead uses less water, so you get through a full shower without exhausting the “calefon”

                I bought my cell phone today, and its number is 8-436-4360 if anyone needs to get to me in an emergency. You will need the country code, and I have no idea what that is.

                We had our first day of class, but it was mostly an orientation, as will be the rest of the week. We had a “scare the gringos” speech by a police officer and a brief overview of all things South American by one of our professors. He spoke entirely in Spanish and I think if the rest of the semester is about that level of comprehension I will be fine.

                I have been able to keep my head above water in Spanish amazingly well. We ONLY speak Spanish in the house,  and my hostmom is very chatty and loves our 2 long meal conversations a day. We talk about everything, education systems, welfare, technology, but she really loves personal stories. We already know everything about her family and their feuds, and she loves to hear about our “Pololos” (boyfriends) I have especially loved my conversations with Francisco, the family friend who is here often (I think he and Claudia are sweet on each other, but she has decided that she is too old to be bothered with a man around the house anymore) He loves American movies, and spent a good time trying to figure out if we had seen a movie that the best I could translate the title as being “difficult to kill” He insisted that the star was a very famous actor, “Broo Weeli” you know, “Broo Weeli?” (That would be Bruce Willis, in his film “Die Hard”

                Claudia made a really really tasty dinner tonight of rice and lentils in a tomato base with sausage. It was great.

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View from near school. What a clea…
View from near school. What a cle…
photo by: Bluetraveler