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"The Grand Funk" It is prepared for all the roadblocks metropolitain Santiago can throw at it.

Happy Birthday Mamasue!

Not a whole lot to talk about, school hasn’t really started full swing, but what I have seen of it sounds pretty good. We leave Friday for San Pedro de Atacama, so I will probably have more to write after that. For those who don’t know, the Atacama Desert is the driest spot in the world, and I will leave more description until later.

Part of the program is our internships, and I have put my resume in for a few. Many people in our program teach English through a program called English Opens Doors, where they will be placed as teacher’s helpers in public schools. That sounded like a lot of fun, but I am going to see if I can get one of a couple others first. The one that sounded most promising was the Inter-American Development Bank. My program director told me that people in the past have found their internship very boring and consisting mostly of pouring coffee, but I have heard from other people that it was rewarding and they are ended up working for them back in the States. That would definitely be up my alley, so I might just hope for the best and go with that if they will have me. I am also interested in an internship with the Diplomatic Academy of Chile, which trains their diplomatic corps. Pretty fun. We’ll see.

The average Chilean night out goes on till at least 4 in the morning. That seemed pretty extreme to me, but this weekend I was home at 4 on the dot. When my host-mother, Claudia, asked me what time I got home I told her truthfully, hoping she wouldn’t think me a completely irresponsible youth. She just giggled and said “so early?” She has since stressed that she regretted getting married so early and wants her host-girls to enjoy themselves and value their youth. It is really tragic when your middle age hostmother thinks you don’t go out enough. That said, Chilean discos are an experience. Ridiculously smoky and crowded, they play a bizarre combo of old and new/ Spanish and English music. I also live within walking distance of many, so it is going to be a fun semester.

That said, I have to be across town tomorrow at 7:45 to get  in line to apply for my national id card, so I am going to bed. Claudia is going to think I am such a loser.  Gnight.

PS- the photo for today is the Jeep that is parked in front of school most days. Notice the sticker that says “Grand Funk” Pretty cool.

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The Grand Funk It is prepared fo…
"The Grand Funk" It is prepared f…
photo by: Bluetraveler