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And now, because I am Anna Hughes, I am going to spend way too much time describing the food. My hostmother is a great cook, as I mentioned earlier. She made these weird fried blobs of mashed potatoes with peppers and hard boiled eggs and deliciousness. They really tasted a lot like samosas. From what I can tell, the 3 major food groups of Chilean food are fried, mayonnaise and avocados. This is going to be a gordita year. Speaking of avocados… they are 15 for 2 dollars. Seriously. They are pretty small, and my hostmom doesn’t let them sit long enough, the one we had for lunch was kind of bland, but I have hope. She also cuts up the tomatoes before they have had a chance to ripen on the counter, so they are kind of flavorless as well. The fruit, however, is perfect. We had a pineapple with breakfast that was to die for. And the grocery store sells these apple tarts that are amazing. We have a bakery down the street that puts a fan next to their ovens so you get overwhelmed with the smell of sweet baked things every time you pass. So far I have been on my way somewhere and haven’t actually tried anything, but it is the top of my list. The grocery stores here are lots of fun, the one we went to today had Safeway brand mayonnaise, how weird is that? They play loud old American music and have wine sections bigger than most liquor stores in the US. The bread is baked right in the stores and is very tasty. It gets stale pretty quick, so the chilenos like it toasted, predictably, with mayonnaise and avocados.

                Real coffee, is as I mentioned earlier, not very prevalent, but today when we were out shopping we stopped in at a café and ordered a “cortado” which is a shot of espresso “cut” with a splash of milk. It is about half and half, and exactly how I like it. I can handle this nestcafe situation if I can have the occasional cortado. My hostmom bought a french press today since I guess she likes real coffee as well, but the coffee she is using is kind of iffy Venezuelen roast. But it is a step up from nestcafe, so I am not complaining. God, I just wrote quite a long paragraph on nothing but coffee. Loser.  

    I had my first pisco sour last night, and it is totally worth the national frenzy. Delicious.        

       The thermometer on my alarm clock says 55 degrees right now, and I have taken my fleece jacket off once today, but I bought a pair of slippers and they might have been the best 3 dollars I have ever spent.

    Ok, that is enough for today, yall are bored with me, ciao.

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