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Landing in Managua in the dark

Finally it looked like Managua was coming in to the radar screen. Suddenly there were light in the dark night after flying over dark waters and jungle the last hours from Houston. It had almost been almost 2 whole days since I left Copenhagen and really had longed to get my feet planted in Managua airport. The flight from Houston with Continental Airlines took only 3 hours and went quiet okay.

To me Managua seemed surprisingly big until I remembered that it was a city of around 1 million persons. The landing went well and we entered fairly quickly our gate. I was sitting way back in the plane as one of the stewards said to me; there are only two seats behind the one you have and they are in the toilet.

It looked like a huge X-mas chain
I was the last to leave the plane with my bag and my newly filled out papers for the entry procedure of Nicaragua.

I had expected to feel the temperature difference more than it actually felt when the opened the doors. The walk from the plane to the entry check was short and we were met by numerous of people in uniforms.

The entry procedures went really easy; we had to do the usual custom and entering papers, which were similar with the ones entering USA and at the baggage claim we were both lucky; we had our bags. The line for the entry was quite short, because they had at least 10 persons doing the passport check. Next stop was the custom which was very simple; just handing over the custom paper.

After passing that the most exciting part was to see if our luggage had arrived on the same plane or not.

The hotel room the first night
Both Babs and I were pretty curious to see if our bags had arrived with this plane or if they were somewhere in the airline logistical chain. We didn’t feel sure but we were pleasantly surprised.

Then we were out amongst all the hi-jackers for the hotels and taxis. We left them standing there and headed for the Alamo rental service where I had booked my car and finding a hotel as close as possible. We had originally booked a hotel 9 kilometres from the airport but it had been for the day before and that didn’t help us now.

Alamo worked quite professionally and soon after everything was okay. We decided to just do the papers and leave the car where it was and Barbara had in the mean while gotten us two rooms in the Best Western across the airport. We crossed the parking and the street and entered the hotel passing the first street vendors trying to persuade us for a good deal.


The lonely planet had recommended the hotel across the street of the airport even though it was in the expensive range it was just what we needed after this long trip.

A single cold Toña in the hotel bar
We entered the hotel and were greeted by a large crowd of staff beginning with the two guards in the entrance. The receptionist was fast; they just need our credit cards as backups. Another friendly guy showed us our rooms. The room was nice colonial.  

We decided to meet 30 minutes later a well deserved shower and a change of clothes for a cold beer at the hotel bar next to the pool. At the bar we were guest’s number 4 and 5, there was about 5 people serving us as well. There were only 3 other people sitting at another table.

The weather was fantastic, it was probably around 30 degrees and the sky was clear displaying a blinking starry view. It was relative hot and humid and bats were drinking from the pool added to the exotic feel at the pool.

I had read that the best beer was the Toña, so I had to try it.

More beers
The beer turned out to be really nice and a coming favourite for my stay in Nicaragua.

The hotel was really empty even though it was fairly large with its 163 rooms. We had read in the books about the local Toña beer so there was no doubt in our minds that that should be the first choice when we now where here.

We had a couple of beers watch life go by next to the pool; actually nothing much happen except a skinny cat patrolling the pool and some bats flying down drinking from it as well. The bar closed at 10 pm due to an attack on the premises from the local exterminator who apparently was booked for this evening.

We got two more beers in a bucket of ice and were left to ourselves except from a guy pouring chemicals in the pool. At that moment my thoughts were with the bats drinking from it. A beer later we called it a night and agreed to meet next morning at 8.30 am for breakfast.

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Landing in Managua in the dark
Landing in Managua in the dark
It looked like a huge X-mas chain
It looked like a huge X-mas chain
The hotel room the first night
The hotel room the first night
A single cold Toña in the hotel b…
A single cold Toña in the hotel …
More beers
More beers
Next to the restaurant there were …
Next to the restaurant there were…
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