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I got to Viewpoint (town center of Banaue) by 10:00 AM. Had I not been really tired with all the trekking done in Batad, I would have trekked Hapao which is near Viewpoint. But still feeling sore, I settled to just stay in Viewpoint till I leave for Manila by 8 pm. After lunch, a tour guide brought me to the view points for the rice terraces on his motorcycle. After several stops and photo ops both alone and with some locals, we reached the topmost view point where one can behold the most fascinating view of the Rice terraces here. The rice terraces here are often referred to as the Banaue Rice Terraces to differentiate them from the other rice terraces in Batad, Hapao, etc.

And just a quick trivia, the rice terraces here appear on the back of the P1000 peso bill. Aside from the numerous photo ops, I also bought some souvenirs for my family back home. Prices here are really cheap compared to those in the town proper.

Almost snapped

I almost snapped at my tour guide and the owner of the store in the topmost view point when they suggested that I should have brought my friends with me so I don't feel bored. I would have loved to snapped at them to tell them to mind their own business but afraid of being called walang modo or disrespectful, I just cooked up some lies and ignored their further prodding.

Banaue Hotel and Tam-An village

We noticed some dark clouds  looming over us, so my tour guide and I decided to head back to the town proper. With almost 4 hours to kill, I decided to check out Banaue Hotel and Tam-An Village.

Banaue Hotel is the only hotel in town. For obvious reasons, the ammenities would be better compared to the nearby inns.

Walking past the hotel's pool, I headed to Tam-an Village which can be found below the hotel. The village consists of small rice terraces surrounding the area. I was delighted to do easy treks to the terraces plus the sight of dragonflies fluttering around has a calming effect. I was thinking of staying here for a longer time and enjoying the view but with the dark clouds still looming over me, I decided to go back to the bus terminal.

I still had lots of free time and had nothing else to do but wait for time to pass by. I saw Lori and Brian again at the bus terminal and told them that their bus which leaves at 6 pm didn't arrive from Manila. They then decided to check out the other bus line if it still has seats for its 6:30 pm trip. I then had my dinner till the two came back and we all both waited for our trip back to Manila while swapping travel stories again.

To Manila then to Pampanga

Our bus ride to Manila was a lot quicker than the one going to Banaue. We reached Manila by 3 am. Then, I boarded a bus going to my home province, Pampanga. I needed to get to Pampanga since Monday was elections day and aside from not allowing my effors in wearing a yellow pin everyday to go to waste, I wanted my voice to be heard and my choice to be counted.

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51 km (32 miles) traveled
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photo by: Jeroenadmiraal