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Ait Bekka - there he had the tent

First time I was in Morocco was year 2000 and it left in me the wish to visit Morocco more times later.

I want to describe here how we tourists were naive and believed everything they said and showed to us. We were coming to Guelmim and next morning it was coming to us one man and ask if he can show us one nice place and if we will visit one man just coming from Sahara by camels. We thought it can be funny so we follewed him to one oasis 10km from Guelmim. The man told to us that we must learn us to say hello in Arabic and it is importand to say that to that man from Sahara because they are very proud and, he cannot English.

The osasis was quite large and we come to some beduin tent behind one wall there it was sitting one man in blue jalaba.

his camels
He come up to us and we said hello in arabic to him, so he was happy for that and invited us to his tent. And to drink a mint tea with him. We thanked him and sat us in the tent. He began to prepare tea and it was funny to look at, it was one big ceremoni with to cook it.

While he prepared tea we were talking and the man who took us there, he was teacher, he translated everything between us. We told about everything possible, the man from Sahara for example asked us how it is to fly with such "big bird" that he not understand how it is possible, that the plane can have so many people on board and so. We believed he mean that he really not understand, so we explained for him how it works and so. He asked about how it is in Europe and many other questions he had. And every time he got answer from us he laughed so much and seemed to be so glad for to know now. He told us that he just came from the Sahara with his camels (25 pieces) that he would sell on Monday of Guelmin because it's souk.

That it took him two months to get here from the Sahara because camels are slow.

Then he took out a large chest and told us to watch what he has for the things he took away from the Sahara. There were all sorts of things, knives and sabers and jewelry and other things. He told us that we do not need to buy anything, just watch, but if we want so we can choose anything and pay what we think.
But he could nothing about money, they not know about. They are not in the Sahara. He is used to change things, such as a ring costing one kilograms of rice, or the knife 2 kg flour etc.. And we believed in what he said ...
We chose a ring, a Tuareg compass and a nice knife and it would cost us 1kg rice and so on. Teachers counted on goods for money and we paid what he said.

So, then when we continued our journey, we began to laugh that we believed in him, stupid and I wish since then come back and have with me rice and flour and other goods in exchange of his jewelry and such. But of course it fell through, because next time we came to Morocco we had other destinations, and we would surely never find our blue man again.

After that we meet so many other blue mans who wanted to show us theirs "treasure chest" so we only laughed.

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Ait Bekka - there he had the tent
Ait Bekka - there he had the tent
his camels
his camels
my blue man
my blue man
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