Day 3: From Rocky Point back to Tucson

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Today, is the last day of our short but exciting trip to the sea of Cortez. We arose to the sound of the ocean and the morning sun peering through the curtains. Mark and I had decided the night before to wake up early for the sunrise, but alas! The crabby and lazty me slept through the rising of the same. For two days in a row, the sun sneaked in without notice (smile), well Mark being the gentleman that he is, allowed me to sleep on. I had a heavy head from yesterday's activities, the sun, a cheap $1.00 tequila shot, a glass of wine, plus a little shopping included. I tried to sleep in but then our neighbors next door were celebrating with loud, really bad Mexican music playing right below us. Mark commented slyly about how unromantic the music was, and such would be his luck he added.

I laughed and slowly got up to the thought of coffee and the hot burritos at the convenience store we had eaten at the day before. From the hotel balcony, I could see an unfinished time-share tower waiting, hovering on the edge of the restless Sea of Cortez. A brisk wind kept the waters restless. There were many such building on the west side of the hotel, waiting to be completed: perhaps the break-down of the American economy did much more damage than was foreseen. From El Mirador, the far west look deserted.

We finally decided to leave the room. Mark being a man was up and done in less than 10 minutes, I tried to catch up, but as always, another thirty minutes and the one suitcase I had brought was packed and ready to leave. I commend Mark for his patience. I must add that he and I travel pretty well together. We left the hotel at a little after 10:00 am, decided to head over to see our party of friends for breakfast and visit one of the other popular beaches. On arrival at the beach house, we found the merry group had just woken up, coffee was in the making while others complted showers. We learned in less than a few minutes that we would not be going to the beach after all. A unanimous decision got us all at the table to play a game of cards known as . . .

To be continued . . .

Africancrab says:
Posted on: Sep 19, 2010
mcphistino says:
njam njam!!! :-)
Posted on: Sep 17, 2010
ken2010 says:
I wish I could take a weekend trip to Mexico! thanks for your nicely written review! :)
Posted on: Jul 12, 2010
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Puerto Penasco
photo by: Africancrab