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.:.:Bienvenidos Mi Amigos!!:.:. ...... well, let's see..... this will forever be remembered as the trip that changed my life

Everything was a memory worth remembering (and since they are worth remembering, let us reflect a little shall we?):

... four hour delays at the Miami airport. $10.00 free airport meals. playing cards/ coloring/ reading at the gate, waiting for the plane some more. night flying to San Jose. riding with crazy-ass van drivers to get to Monte Compana. sleep? breakfast of BEANS AND RICE ♥. meeting the pink tour bus for the first time. stray dog loving at the pit stops. waiting for wild crocs to eat a cow. looooooooong bus rides. arrival at La Rana Roja. night walking on the beach with the Pacific Ocean 'Virgins' . a little bit of daring karaoke/ drinking. independent walks around while talking to locals and spotting unique wildlife and the sorts. figuring out what our country code is for the calling cards. boat ride to Campanario. meeting Nancy and getting the low-down on what to do/ what not to do. meeting the stairway of hell on our first hike. more hikes. and then some more hikes. amaaazing flora/ fauna. explorations inside the bat tree. dead porcupine. edible flowers. edible termites. PEPTO-BISMOL = enemy. strange sicknesses that we all would have preferred not to have. cold cold showers. no electricity. if it's yellow, let it mellow. if it's brown, flush it down. not quite skinny dipping in waterfalls. snakes. a couple more snakes. and a snake with two penis (what's the plural of penis?). abnormally large insects and frogs. feeling sore from the use of muscles we don't normally use. lots and lots of birds. visiting a small village school. watching Jose try and catch the horse he chased away in the first place. collecting cashews. learning so much about the policies and resource management. nightly discussions/ presentations. pre-preparations for presentations of last minute reading. never knowing what time we were supposed to be places. being late. beans and rice. bat collecting. some more beans and rice. boat trip to Corcovado National Park. howler monkey calls all around. wild tapir encounter. toucans. Team A-Group going on a personal hike with Jose. seeing some more monkeys. river swimming. insanely large waves that could have drowned us all. Campanario camp fire. tasty Costa Rican smores. beans and rice. uncomfortable bumpy roads. a quite humorous emergency bathroom break that could not be avoided. a horrible bus-bathroom plumbing problem that could bring tears to the eyes. mountain ride! quick and cold hike up to the highest point. special blackberry juice. "brrrrrrrrrrendan?"...."brendan!" and "where's the banjo?". and the popular tea bagging at the table. mango purchases. Dos Pinos. strange ice-cream that should not be gum flavored. sexy t-shirts. playground extravaganza. souvenir land!!! .... mug malfunctions and beer abandonment out window. feet? hahaha. grocery store shopping. party night. "MUG ME". birthday surprise. basketball watching. drinking. drinking. drinking. then some guitar playing. then some salsa dancing. some more salsa dancing. then running away from cops. ha. hanging out. someone falling and breaking his wrist. a couple guys screaming. again. then maybe sleep? volcano visiting. sulfur smelling. plane getting delayed. again. getting home safe. long drive home. stopping for fast food. driving home some more. then arrival. HORRAY!!!!! PURA VIDA!!!!! <3333333333333333
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1,840 km (1,143 miles) traveled
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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira