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The busride was not the best. My seat wouldn't lean beack so I had a very hard time finding a good sleeping position. Also, in the middle of the night some cops or guards or something came into the bus, took a bag from one of the local ladies in the bus and then left. At first I thought they might be robbers or something, but my friends said that this was totally normal. I kind of freaked me out, but I was too tired to care that much...

We arrived in Cusco around 4.30am. We had already booked a place to stay at a small family owned hostel so when we got there, we decided to sleep for a few hours to get some energy. Then we went to the markets, I still had two weeks left of my trip and really needed some things for that time, and we hadn't taken a shower in days, so shampoo was important.

First we went to the molino market which is right by the bus station and the place we were staying to get some electronics. Chargers was one of the most important things. They also had underwear, shampoo, body lotion and I also bought a sweater and mascara. I don't really like to use a lot of make up when I am travelling, but one thing I really need is mascara!

We bought breakfast/lunch at a bakery which was really good and cheap. They had really good croissants and baguettes, so bought some and took it the main square where we relaxed on a bench and ate our food.

Then we continued to another market. There we could get some "peru-pants", warm alpacca sweaters, scarfs, hats, bags, t-shirts and other things like that, so I found pretty much all I was looking for. I just bought one pair of pants, but went back later and bought two more. One pair of "dirty pants" that I used for activities where I knew the pants would get dirty. One pair of "signtseeting pants" and one pair of "clean pants" when I had to dress a little nicer! :)

We used the internet for a while and went to a travel agency because I needed to book my tickets for Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu the day after. Of course the guy at the travel agency could not speak English, but they were the only one I had found that sold train tickets. I must have learned a lot more Spanish on the way than I thought, because it was no problem booking tickets back and forth from Cusco to  Aguas Calientes, bus fra AC up to Machu Picchu, entrance to Machu Picchu, and bus from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. i must say I was pretty proud of myself when I met up with my friends again and could say that I booked my tickets in Spanish!

We went back to the hostel to put our stuff down and (finally) take shower, and then we went to a really good pizza place to have dinner. I know, pizza sounds really boring, but once in a while you do need food like that too.

We went to an Irish pub and had a few beers. it was a really nice place and we met an irish guy. Everybody said he was famous and he told us his artist name was Sweeney; anybody heard of him? I tried to google him, but every result is just about Sweeney Todd.

Finally back to sleep and had an early morning the next day too.

fransglobal says:
Sweeney is a very common name in Ireland. Never heard of an artist called Sweeney though but I'm not the most tuned in person in the country!

Buen trabajo con el castellano, felicitactiones!
Posted on: Jul 15, 2010
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photo by: Vlindeke