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We woke up early, had breakfast, and then it was time to leave. We went down the hill to the boat and headed for the last island we were going to visit; Taquile. To get to the main square we had to walk up a hill and normally this wouldn't have been a problem, but because of the altitude, it was a lot more tiring that I thought it would be.

On our way up we stopped so our guide could us something about the island. We were passed by many locals, all dressed in their pretty and colorful dresses and suits. They were having a meeting on the island the same day so there were a lot of people coming, so it was really nice to see all these people in their traditional clothing. It was also very funny when we were all sitting quietly for a little while just looking out at the ocean and the boats coming in, when suddenly a phone was ringing and had the ringtone My heart will go on by Celine Dion.

We had a very good lunch at a restaurant there and then it was about time to head back. It was a nice walk back down to the other side of the island. We could relax on the boat for the next 3 hours and then we were back in Puno. We hadn't planned spending eny time in Puno and was going sraight to pick up our backpacks and go to the bus station to catch a bus to Cusco.

The lady from the travel agency came and met us and I thought everything was fine, but then she said something was wrong with our bags. She didsn't speak good English, so I didn't really understand what she meant. We got to the travel agency, all the computers were gone, our backpacks were gone and people were crying.

Finally there was someone who spoke English and they told us that they had been robbed that night and everything was gone. Since I only brought as little as possible with me to the islands I had almost nothing for the rest of my trip and I still had two more weeks to go! We had to go to the police station where they only spoke spanish so we had to wait for a translater and then it took hours to write down our statements. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry, because I honestly couldn't believe it was true. All my stuff!! I ended up just laughing and trying to think positive... At least we were going to cusco next where they had markets where we could buy some things.

After a few hours at the police station we were finally able to get to the bus station and catch a nightbus to Cusco.

I honestly don't know if I believe that they really were robbed or what happened. If anyone is in Puno and want to check out Incatours to see if they are still open that would be great, but I would advise not to leave any of your stuff there!

m_mspr says:
What?! That's crazy!! We went to the police in Puno and they helped us a lot. My trip was defidently not ruined. Even though it sucked, it was an experience. I think I have had too much good luck in my travels so it was about time something happened... ;o) lol...!
Posted on: Jul 22, 2010
Jeroenadmiraal says:
Good thing that Cusco has everything a tourist could want :) My bag was stolen just before I left Ayacucho for Cusco, and I reported it to the tourism police in Cusco, but they thought I was trying to fool my insurance and they threatened to sent me to Lima to appear before a courtroom. In the end they "forgave" me. It was insane! I was so scared! Never go to the tourism police in Cusco! I lost about 200 pictures. I am glad to hear that you were able to continue your trip. I hope it has not been ruined for you now...
Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
m_mspr says:
I was able to buy everything I needed in Cusco so that was good! We just had to deal with it and buy what we could get our hands on. TOurist t-shirts and things like that... haha!! Getting a daypack stolen is almost just as bad, especially when you had your camera there...! Did you lose a lot of pictures?
Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
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Lake Titicaca
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