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I arrived in Lima at 5.30AM and I think I had spent about 5 minutes there when I decided Lima was not a place I wanted to stay....
The first thing that met me at the airport was many people wanting me to get in their cab. That was fine and I went with one of them. I asked how much it would be (since I read somewhere that you should always agree on the price first) and he said 50. I asked "soles?", and he said yes. I read in LP that it should be about 50 soles from the airport to miraflores, so I was satisfied with the price. When we were almost at the hostel he asked if I could pay. I thought it was a little weird but figured, maybe that was how they did things in Peru, so I handed him 50soles. He laughed a little bit and the he said 50 DOLLARS! He said it was 50 dollars, but I could pay in soles.
So that was obviously the reason why he wanted me to pay before we got there. He knew he had tricked me, and if I didn't pay he would let me out of the car in the middle of nowhere!! I already thought the city seemed very big, and a bit scary, so I didn't want to catch just a random cab on the street, so I had to pay up.

Lima was cloudy and dirty, and after that experience, all I wanted to do was get out of the city and the decide if I wanted to spend some time there on the way back.
I asked at the hostel and they said I did not have to pay for the room I had already booked (even though I had already been there 1-2hours and used their internet and other facilities) and helped me figure out how to get to Nazca.
I went with Soyuz bus company. Their buses leave all the time down the coast so I only had to wait for 5minutes and then the bus left. From Lima to Ica it was 5 hours and cost 22soles. Then from Ica to Nazca it was 2 hours and 10soles. I got to Nazca after dark, got a cab to the hostel that I had already booked (which was not necessary, because it would only have been about a 10min walk, but I didn't know the city, so a cab was the best choice) and fell asleep almost right away because I was very tired from the long journey from Norway. But before I fell asleep I booked a flight over the Nazca lines for the following day at 8am and breakfast for 7am.
m_mspr says:
I already knew that when I came there, so when he said 50 and I thought he meant soles (or HE made me think) I thought it was alright... When I got back to Lima and had to get a cab to the airport I got it for 25soles a little closer to the airport, but not much... Think they saw I had been travelling for a while and there was no point in trying to trick me! :o)
Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
traveller142009 says:
Sorry to hear that the cab driver ripped you off. I was there in April and the standard fare from the airport to Miraflores with a pre-arranged driver is US$15 or 45 soles (the exchange rate is roughly 3:1).
Posted on: Jul 20, 2010
Tamanawas says:
Whoa! Sorry to hear about your cab ride ... geesh! Good to know and be aware of. Is the exchange about 4:1?? $50 = 200soles?
Posted on: Jun 27, 2010
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