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My original plan was to go to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos this summer, but because of the conflict in Bangkok, my friends and family really didn't want me to go there. I thought about it and didn't want them to be worried so I decided to go to Peru instead. I have never been to South America, so it's about time and I've been wanting to go to Peru for a really long time.
I booked my ticket 3 days before the departure date so I don't have much time to get everything in order. I went to Kilroy to get an ISIC card and got a copy of Lonely Planet Peru, I always think Lonely Planet is helpful on my trips.
I've searched online, on travbuddy and looked through the LP book, so now I've got a pretty good plan of what I am going to do.
It's hard to pack because it is going to be everything from 8-30 degrees Celsius, so I need everything from a bikini to winter clothes. I am just bringing old clothes so I can throw them away if I find something else I would like in Peru.
I am leaving tomorrow evening and I am really excited. Don't really know what to expect, but that's part of the fun!
Talked to some people here on TB and think I am going to wait to book things until I get there, except a hostel the first night.

Still haven't decided if I am going to spend some time in Lima when I first get there, of I am just going to head south right away and spend my last few days there before I go home...
sweettangerine says:
I know... I'd rather post it in English, but since I wrote it in Dutch in my diary, it seemed too big job to translate it all over again. Maybe I would at some point, but there are still so many journals to copy.

Though Dutch and Norwegian have a lot in common, I noticed on my little trip to Oslo in January :-)
Posted on: Jun 26, 2010
m_mspr says:
Wish I could read yours, but I don't understand it! :o)
Posted on: Jun 25, 2010
sweettangerine says:
Lovely to read about your travels! It brings me right back there :-)
Posted on: Jun 24, 2010
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