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I spent this week following the political election in Buenos Aires. The runoff system for local elections are
similar to those in the United States.  Since voting is mandatory in Argentina, all stores, restaurants and bars do not sell alcohol after 8PM the night before an election.  I spoke with some locals who said this was normal procedure, so people will not have an excuse to stay out all night and not vote the next day.  I find this quite unique, but stores in Atlanta do not sell alcohol on Sunday, which is very strange to visitors.

Also, I noticed in the Buenos Daily Herald, the smear political campaigns are vicious like the United States. 
I guess this should come as no surprise.  The defacing of the candidates's pictures was evident across the city.  The Herald is one of the best and most condensed of any newspaper that I have read.  Excellent summations are written locally and from news throughout the world.  

The subway does not operate after 11PM, which I find quite annoying.  MARTA and many other subway systems operate until after midnight.  However, with Argentina having the third lowest gas prices in the world, the taxis offer an affordable alternative.

Buenos Aires's Chinatown was a good way to show the many different cultures in the city.  I have visited many parts of town and enjoy the ambiance of each. La Boca, Recoleta and Puerto Madero are very different from each other. One can find vast cultures in the city.

At the Argentine Counsel for International Relations, I found the speakers to be very proud of their efforts
and progress in nuclear cooperation in the world.  I would like to have a face to face conversation with the
captain in the Argentine navy.  At 79 years, he could provide some excellent insight into the "dirty war" period. I was impressed by the seriousness Argentine officials are not to consume more fuel that it can produce. Also, I admire how Argentina is very proactive in searching for alternative sources of fuel.


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