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well, i have visited Bangkok in May unfortunately never find a weather which makes me to say wow...what a lovely weather....never, perhaps i am kind of person which becomes happy when nature is, a pleasant weather. i was in Bangkok to attend a training workshop organized by one of a foreign based company, firstly i dint understand that why they chooses this venue nevertheless i opted for it and landed few days earlier to know what Bangkok is?.
after paying an additional charges for early check inn "3 hours only" i am down streets and looking to surrounding areas and curious to know thai lifestyle and daily life of a thai person, i was bit skeptic what to do during walking alone in streets of bangkok, number of food stall makes me to switch my lanes quite often, i never attempt to eat thai food due to number of reasons, most importantly all food contains an unpleasant smell which always stopped me to eat any street food, secondly uncooked food and lastly i dint like its smell at all. after rooming around i get back to my hotel and after scrolling the menu severally able to make an order "fish n chips" 
people of Thailand are quite friendly specially girls but due to language barrier they can answer your short questions easily which can be experienced specially doing body massage, i have been ask several inquiries "where do you come from" "you are like king kong, hmm very manly by rubbing hairs on chest" "did you like a special massage by paying additional 500 baht" special massage for special organs you know" "often touched your special organ unintentionally and saying oops hehee"
i never recommend a solo traveler to visit bangkok alone for recreations, specially male category. going to bangkok alone means you have plan to do some of dirtiest things by cheating your love-ones. it sounds quite harsh but i have found no other reason. if you do, you are planing to go there for cheap sex? yes in thailand its one way to curtail poverty and now it is their daily life, girls offering to do any type of dirtiest activity with you for money and somehow if you are having some prior intentions, you never feel any wrong things by paying money for sex, paying money to cheat with your love-ones. .......continued........
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photo by: rintjez