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Hello all! I was actually looking through my MySpace and saw that I blogged about the Florida trip... So lazy me decided to copy/paste. I have a lot of other work to do anyway. :P Anyways! Enjoy! (I may sound a little childish... but please take note that this was back in summer of '08. I may have matured since then... ok, maybe just a TINY bit LOL) :)


Ok, so as you have all noticed... I think... Lol, I've been gone for about two months. :) :(? Lol My parents told us last minute to pack up, 'cause we're heading for Florida. At first we were all like, yay! Then we were wondering what to do with Oreo (our kitty)... We didn't want to leave her. :( So... We took her with us. xD

 Throughout the route we stayed in a motel (yeah, I know >.< but something makes up for it later) in Hammond, Lousiana. And um, as soon as I walked into the room I felt some chills going up my spine, and my heart telling me in a blur of a past story within the room... My sister felt the same way. I brushed it off, as awlays, since I like to play denial... lol  Anywho, later on we went to sleep, and something woke me up, I don't know what, but I woke up. Suddenly, I don't know why, but I gasped and said "Phantom", and then regretted it and looked at the wall, and there was the shadow of a young girl. And in my mind, "Shit, I shouldn't have said that." Then I was gunna think of puppies, or roses or SOMETHING, but the girl got inside of my body, and my arms crossed as always during posession. I began to pray, and in the middle of praying I thought "almost done" as my arms were being released, but then they went back to being crossed again. I prayed again, arms about to be released, but then they crossed again, I finally told Him "Help meeeee, please." or something like that, can't remember. And finally after three times of trying I was released, and looked to my right where my sister was lying down, and I was about to say something, but she said, "I know what just happened." then she hugged me.

 My sister had a different experience... every time she closed her eyes, she'd see the memories of what happened to that girl. Oh, and before I could tell her anything, she said the little girl was wearing a night gown just a little above her knee. That's what I saw in the shadow... O.o Creepy, huh?

Well, after that, we headed on towards Florida, crossed Mississippi, and Alabama. Then Ocala, Florida. We were like yay!!! I saw my aunt and uncle and cousin... finally! After... how many years? I was four back when I saw them, so my memories of Florida were limited. But then my dad took my cousin and his cousin to work with him through out the east coast of the U.S of A. And we stayed with our new guardians... And umm... Well, they live in a house out in the fields where horses are trained to race... And we happened to visit during hurricane season... So... It was boring. x___x Just stayed and watched t.v. most of the time. But it wasn't that bad (ok, maybe, just a little, but I'll tell you what made up for it later). And man, I came back with a few pounds! My aunt SPOILED us with food!!! I love how she makes hamburgers (she's not Mexican, so we didn't really eat Mexican food ;__; often). We love our aunt ^-^. My uncle thinks I'm weird (I overheard Adam telling my dad that)... >__> I have my reasons to act strange towards older men, some people don't understand that. >.< But whatever. Anywho, after like freakin' forever our parents came back. And you know what we did?!?!?!?! Hahaha!!! Woot woot! We stayed at a nice resort :P :P :P :P Ha! Ha! And this resort was right on the beach. Daytona Beach. Ok, so it took me a couple of hours to get in the beach... but I saw everyone having fun and man... I just had to. So I went in slowly, but then my dad pulled me in the water and told me to quit being a wuss. x.x I was like "aaah omg omg omg", and some Japanese people next to us swimming were laughing at my hysterical yells... Haha. I was laughing at their chinky eyes... >__> I'm just kidding. I love chinky eyes. o.o; They were nice people though. =] Oh, and we saw dolphins! And sis and I collected jellyfish, and I made fun of my cousin and vice versa, and dug my parents in the sand and put boobs on my dad xD!!! A little girl walked by and was like, "Mommy look!!!", and the lady came and she was like "Wow... IT'S A GUY!!!" and they were there like for five minutes staring at my dad's sand man boobs. xD Then I went in the water again and my cousin and his cousin said that at the depth we were in..sharks could swim, and I said fk it and got out of the water. Then we all went to the pool. And after that we went to Ruby Tuesday and after that we went back to the resort, and then we sleep, and then we woke up and went to the beach again, yay!!!! Oh yeah, I don't know why but when I saw the dolphins... I stepped into the water without shaking, or trembling... It's like.. they were drawing me in. o.o Anywho. I LOVE Daytona Beach!!!! ^____^ And I am SORRY, but I have to say this... Florida beaches are waaaaaaaay more beautiful than Californian beaches... *ouch* Sorry. :(

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Daytona Beach
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